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    HI GUys,
    ive had my grubbe 2 stroker fitted for sometime now, but have not ridden it much, for am worried the local police in victoria might fine me?

    has anyone here had any trouble with the local law?

    i have seen a sachs 30cc bikes for sale which are compeltely legal in all states except queensland. are they any good, or shuold i just risk using mine till iget caught, if i get caught?

    cheers johnny

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    Welcome Kanga...Check out the different laws for each state of discreet / pedal if you see the boys in blue /....80cc is illegal but will they know the size of the donk...check this legislation out / copy it and carry it / quote it to the young cop and let him admire your ...Enjoy MBc..Go to AUSSIE ROLL CALL to find out how many Aussies are around and who is close to you for a "Check out my bike" day...Welcome..Lots of good info and guys here from all over the globe..None (so far) from Iceland...Welcome..ENO (Newcastle NSW)

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    Hello Kanga welcome to MB.c
    I don't know about your laws, but i'm glad your here to learn.