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    Hi every one , I am ray and i have been researching this project for some time . that is how i came apone this site. I have been wanting to build a bicycle using a 100 cc cart motor and was wondering if its been done yet? I want to use a yamaha KT100 racing motor. should be very fast and have plenty of pulling power, going to use a schwinn cruser for a base, i think it should be strong enough to handle the torqe. any thoughts? below is pics of the engine I would be using! I dont have the bike for it yet. also attached a pic of my ice cream scooter... sorry no pics of my 80cc motorized bicycle as of yet, but its nothing special anyway. any how I am glad to be here as I am always dreaming up new rides and it looks like im not alone....LOL

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    Welcome to the forum, Ray. That motor should make around 10hp - 3 to 5 times the power of a typical bicycle motor. I have not built anything that powerfull, but I have a couple of recomendations based on what I have read:
    Mount it on a steel frame for durability and vibration absorption.
    Use a rear wheel that is stronger than stock. You can use wheels designed for a tandem, wheels for an industrial bike (like Worksman) or have your local shop build a heavy duty rear wheel.
    Keep us posted on your progress and send pics.
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    I sure will , thanks for the input. May be awhile , low on funds right now.