New Member: AKA- Electric_sk8r making copper gaskets

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Electric_sk8r, Aug 23, 2011.

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    Hey guy's (and gals) don't let my name fool you my bike is actually gas powered. I have a 26'' Micargi Tahiti Cruiser with a 48cc black Grubee Skyhawk. I have really found this forum to be very useful for my questions and experiments. I've used this site frequently and noticed that suggestions are often made for parts, but some parts have not been easy to come by. I have often read that the ideal head gasket recommended is made of copper. Well I've not heard of here or on Google where to get these "Copper Gaskets". So i decided that i wanted one even if i had to make it. So I ordered some copper sheets that were cut to the exact dimension of the 48cc grubee skyhawk engine (but if you gasket is the same size then this would work). This copper

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    Welcome, SK8R, to the MBc Forums. I have never heard of engine head gaskets being made of anything other than copper (or similar) or, many years ago, asbestos. I am Certain that you can get a copper gasket for that one lung engine. Read everything you can, and use our search function on the string "Head gasket...copper". I remember quite distinctly of a member throwing out an extra copper head gasket that was included in his they are not rare. Look around and ask around...chances are some member will mail you one for the postage only. We have some Great Members. Good Luck, Patrick.