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    hi, i am new as you may know and i'm really ****ed off. i purchased my first dual sport bike (1992 Yamaha xt350) the guy told me his cousin rebuilt the motor and carb and that it runs great. i drove 5.5 hours with my truck to pick it up, it rode nice but the carb and engine DEFINITELY were not rebuilt! but the bike only had 7 k miles on it. wen i got back home i took it for a ride and drove it for about 20 minutes and it stalled on me. and now the bike starts but stalls on me CONSTANTLY. it wont idle for more than 3 minutes. an the idle is rough. black smoke is now cumming out of the exhaust, and i payed 1200 dollars for a heap of **** and the guy wont answer my calls. he told me the bike is top notch and he KNOWS he screwed me over! i sprayed carb cleaner in it but that did nothing. can ANYONE tell me what the problem could possibly be? i need to get this running, and how much am i looking at? i think it needs a new carb but as for the black smoke from the exhaust? I'd say oil mixing with gas. any help is GREATLY appreciated! thanks

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    I'd start with ignition. Plug, plug wire etc. There's no guarantee when you buy a used motorcycle. Sorry it happened to you.
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    i was thinking it would be the carb cuz after we sprayed carb cleaner in it, it was running worse. like it broke up some dirt and possibly clogged up the jets. i cant find a carb rebuild kit for this bike either. would you know how much it would cost to have my carb cleaned (estimated)?
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    Sorry for your troubles man....i think all of us have been there at some stage(ripped-off/screwed-over/conned/fleeced/etc etc)
    I've got an XT600 but it's running & always has run perfect.
    Wouldn't u be better joining a motorbike forum,maybe one that more specializes in Yamms....they would know better where to go & what to do. :grin5: