New member asking for help on my first build.

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    Hello, I am 17 years old, a senior in High School, and I'd like to build my first motorized bicycle.
    I have 'some' experience with building bikes from when I was younger.

    The bike I wanted to use for this build is the Fito Modena GT2 because of the features it includes.

    The link just in case. ^

    So, I wanted to put a four stroke engine on it and eventually put a shift kit on it so I could utilize the 7 speed goodness.

    What kind of engine kit should I get?

    What kind of shift kit would pair up with said engine?

    What is some general knowledge I should know about this hobby?

    I'd like to put lights and turn signals onto the build, how would electricity work?

    Could I opt for a better, larger gas tank?

    I'd just like for you guys to kind of walk me through this so I don't make a hasty decision or pick the wrong parts.

    Anything helps, thank you.

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    Hello. I am glad to hear that you are interested in the hobby. It is both intellectually rewarding and fun. But, before you start be sure to just double check the laws in your state or area concerning the legality of motorized bicycles and requirements for riding a motorized bicycles. Cheers
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    Welcome! :)
    Looks like the bikes KCVale uses, so read all his posts. Not sure how gastanks attach on those.
    Sick Bike Parts 4 stroke kit, but see KCVale's posts as he uses this or similar frames all the time.
    Read all the other posts for G.K.. Yes, all of them! I did and learned muchness. I discovered that what I really want is way beyond my means ($3,000), so I moved house and bought myself a new touring bicycle instead and haven't logged in for about two years now. Maybe I should have a rethink as I still really want to motorise.
    Lights need to work even when the engine is off, so probably an independent bicycle lighting system I guess.
    A shift kit with sprung r.h.s. tensioners should/could make the intermediate chain removable without tools to legalise for town use.. Something to consider.
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  4. banckers

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    I live in Arkansas and it basically says that it has to be a 50cc engine (or lower) with an automatic transmission. However, I'd have to register if if make into a manual.
  5. banckers

    banckers New Member

    Thanks for the recommendations!
  6. banckers

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    Which would you recommend I use? The four stroke Huasheng engine kit or the four stroke Flying Horse kit from
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    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
    I also live in Arkansas (Conway) and have 2 motorised bikes. One is a typical 2 stroke on a older mountain bike frame. My newest one is a rear mounted Honda GXH50 with a centrifugal clutch on a Specialized Hard rock 29er powering through the pedal axle via a freewheel so I can use my bikes 21 speed gears. So I can pedal or I can power or I can pedal and power.
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    Not my area of expertise at all, sorry. Thats why I said read KCvale's posts. Use the search function to find his threads in the four stroke section, frame mounted section etc of the forum.. You will see that he builds on these (or veryyy similar) frames, and you may find the answers just by reading about his recent builds. After you have read lots and familiarised yourself with the tech stuff you will be able to ask much more specific questions.
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    Hi All,

    Don't want to hijack the tread but need some assistance...

    This is my second post, I want to order a motor to start this new hobby, so please assist in clicking on the below link and confirm I'm buying the right one.. I think I will enjoy this new hobby, just need some start-up info ....

    I read all the threads in 2 days time, liked all the things to be done to a new machine, enjoyed the read, so lets-go...

    Many thanks,
  10. Island Racer

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