New member bike pic

Just entered my intro today. I am posting a pic of one of my bikes. I have enjoyed seeing all the other bikes on this site. I have not ridden this one yet. I plan a debug ride this Saturday. As hot as it has been here, I think the sidecar passenger will be a cooler.



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From what I can see, I like. Would like to see some larger pictures and hear about the sidecar build and how it's attached. Hope you have plenty of coca-cola in that cooler!!
Photo sizing

I do not know how to size the photo. Here is a link to a photo album made during the build. The sidecar frame is bolt on. It has three mounts. One at the rear wheel, one at the seat post and another where the kickstand use to be. I made the frame from an OCC chopper rear section and stell tubing. It still needs final tuning but has been a lot of fun. I want to build a more custom bike and sidecar. This build has been basic to work out the geometry and see how well it actualy performs.
read my signature for a link to picture instructions.


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Its not too bad, but the next one will be fiberglass only. I have wood, Lexan and Aluminum in this one coated inside and out with fiberglass. I have not weighed it yet but I would guess the body and frame to be 45bls.
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Cool Sidecar!

Hey like the sidecar! I'm kind of partial to them myself. Just a question though; what happened in OOPS photo?

Looks cool! Get a bigger picture of the finished bike interior... The way you made your sidecar, it really fits the bike is scale. Good job.
i agree. i'd love to see some my signature for a link to picture instructions.