New member bike pic

Just entered my intro today. I am posting a pic of one of my bikes. I have enjoyed seeing all the other bikes on this site. I have not ridden this one yet. I plan a debug ride this Saturday. As hot as it has been here, I think the sidecar passenger will be a cooler.



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I reconized it because my dad has one like it. He used to be a firefighter and has a small collection.
If you're taking teh pictures with a digital camera, go into the menu of that camera and change the resolution to something smaller. If your camera is more than 4 MP (megapixels, it says how many your camera has right on the front of most cameras) than the resulting picture is too large to view comfortable on a website. 1 or 2 MP pictures should be small enough. Your camera might also give you the options of 640x480, or 800x600 resolutions. stick with the smaller.