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    i would like to take the time out to first say hello to everyone here on the great site... now about me . i am from the bronx ny where i own a small custom shop .. i do anything from bicycles to skateboards i have been around bikes all my life (45yrs) i am a very helping and kind person who loves to make things out of nothing .. i got hooked on this new motorized bike frenzy about a year ago .. now im addicted i installa lot of kits locally here in the bronx for the people who order the kit and when they get it they see all the parts and get scared. my personal bike is a 2010 TREK beach cruiser with a rear tire friction kit from bikemotorparts.. it has the honda GX35engine and i use the smaller roller. i will have some pics up as soon as i figure out how to work the site

    check me out on youtube popbbugn141
    thanks and happy trails to everyone

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    GREATINGS New member from the bronx

    Greatings to new member from the bronx I go by Mr.Dupree and I am also from the bronx and I am also a MB newbie and have been a member for maybe a little over a month or maybe almost two months. I would love to know where your shop is located in the bronx. You may have seen me on my bike riding either in the bronx or manhattan I have a black chopper with a stock setup 66cc. with minor intake and exhaust porting and a self made clutch dampener. I posted a thread awile ago about a broken frame since then Ive come up with a sollution and have been riding hard with my broken frame and my fix and seems to work quite well. I also like to fix and tinker with things. I would love another opion on my temporary fix from someone of your caliber if its not to much. Thank you and welcome to the forum once again.
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    I also would like to know if you know other riders in the bronx. If you would like to see my ride you can go photobucket and check it out at choppanyc. I have a few pics of my ride and also my temporary welding fix.
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    hey thanks for responding im not really a pc person you can call me at my office 718-401-0138 sammy

    and i cant find the pics of the bike on photo bucket
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    My bad I'm posting from my cell thats why I cant attach files to show pictures. If you still want to see the bike you have to type choppanyc on photobucket. Thats choppanyc on photobucket. ONE