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    Hi, I'm Wayne Evans from Longmont Co. I'm mostly from Houston for the last 35 years and we'll be living back there soon, a year or so, I guess. I don't have a motored bike yet but my neighborhood in Houston is a historic neighborhood near downtown, The Houston Heights. It would be a great place for a vintage type motorbike something like a board track racer. That's what I want to build soon. I have a restored 79 Vespa P200 now. I'm also building a replica Lotus Seven spors car called a Locost.(from scratch) I hope to finish that project this summer and maybe start a bike build. We'll see. I'm a furniture maker by trade, I'm 60 years old. I used to do a lot of bike riding but my knees won't take much of that anymore.:cool:
    Later, Wayne

  2. Mountainman

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    get one -- then

    welcome Wayne

    yes I know about these getting tired knees
    that's where that little motor sure will come in nice !!!

    helps to get you back on a bicycle !!!

    get one -- then -- have fun -- as you ride the motor bike
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    Welcome aboard.

    I'm closing in on 50. And while I can still pedal a bike about as strong as ever, I can feel the strain. It's undeniably worse than it was 20 yrs ago.

    But put an engine on it and it's a whole different story. You'll love it. In fact, you shouldn't dawdle; doing without one of these is truly a life of deprivation.

    One of the signature lines here says "It's like riding downhill all the time".
    And that says it very well. That's just what it's like.
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    Thanks, sounds interesting.( I like the line about pedaling down hill all the time.) but in the meantime I do still have the Vespa and, maybe by this summer I will have my Lotus Seven finished. You can check those out on my web