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    G'day, I'm from Adelaide, Australia.

    Just assembled my 50cc Chinese motor (Z-box branded) to an old Diamond Back Topanga. The bike was bloody heavy at the beginning, but now its a monster!

    Assembly issues so far - chain kept dropping between the sprocket and spokes; sheared one bolt on the engine head well before I hit 12; accidentally screwed the mixture screw (?) on side of engine and now have no idea what sort of mixture I am running; fuel tank leaks at the valve; cables all way to long; Topanga has very narrow handlebars and I'm running out of space to mount stuff!

    Have fixed most of these issues and had about 15km of riding so far...

    Also, just found out that a great friend of mine, who I graduated alongside in mechanical engineering 10 years ago, just finished his bike assembly one day before me. Neither of us had any idea. Amazing!

    So, some basic Q's, if anyone wants to help:
    1) How do I re-tune that screw on the side of the carb?
    2) Anyone got a sturdier idler wheel solution?
    3) Does changing the spark plus really make any difference?
    5) Acetone in the fuel?

    Thanks all,


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    Hey Stu,

    There is a strong Adelaide contingent here, check in on the Aussie Roll Call and over in the "groups" section there is one or two specifically in your city....
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    G'Day, welcome to MBc,
    I'll try to answer some questions,

    1) I've had a few that messed up at the idler screw thread before fitting to engine, it happens from time to time. I'd chat to Warren and see if he may replace it or get another one. Unless you have a tap set, give it a try.

    2) I've used a derailer gear on very first build and it's still going after over 18 months. There is a thread somewhere by Large Filipino, or later I'll post a pic. of mine, ( camera battery needs charging)

    3) Yes, I would not trust the kits spark plug, some have said the tips falls off inside the engine while it's running.
    NGK B6H S; NGK Plug Cap and replace the copper wire with better quality copper wire.

    4/5) ??? I don't know.

    All the Best


    btw, if you need copper plug lead,and NGK plug cap I have some if ya near Clearview.
  4. BoltsMissing

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    Here ya go dude, pics. This chain tensioner has never given any probs. once it's set up right. Just keep it greased with Shell Chain Lube.
    None of that chain noise on those white rollers.
    Best to use the larger derailer gear cos the small black derailer gears tend to over spin.

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  5. sakeynes

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    Thanks Guys for the welcome and the hints.

    Bike is in the shed right now, I haven't been able to source any new engine bolts/studs since I snapped one on tightening. I've asked Zbox for some, no news yet on if they have any. Anyone know of any other source (especially if made from better materials?). Specifically I'm talking about the 4x rod that are threaded on each end, and pull the block, bore and head together.

    To clarify another point, I didn't mess up the idler screw thread, I just accidentally screwed it all the way in during assembly. The one on the SIDE of the carb, not the cable fitting on TOP. It's my understanding that this controls the mixture, so I'm not sure how to re-tune it to the right setting. Ideas?

    Thanks again

  6. Simon_A

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    They are M6.

    Just go get some M6 threaded rod and use that with locknuts.