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    Hi i lost my gmail account and am being forced to start over here.
    I have a bike that runs 47-48 mph and was homeless when i built it, in a tent in the woods lol.
    After the newspaper article i landed a job at a hotel until some arab or india people bought it and bam im homeless and jobless again can you believe the luck?
    So I am traveling again looking for a simple job and a simple room to rent.
    I am currently in Neosho Missouri and rode the 50 +/- mph bike up here from Bentonville.
    I do not drink or do drugs why is this happening to me?
    Anyway it is a learning experience...
    Guess it's just ment to be, Like it or not i guess.
    Thanks for letting me join

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    i'm not sure how i missed your intro and story, daren...and won't try to impress you with mine...what we have in common is that at times all we have is the motoredbike, and somehow it seems to be enuff.

    your struggle is humbling to me, i don't know what else to say about that.

    this sounds extreme, but if you feel like a 50mph putt up to the very very pnw, ocean park WA, we'd be honored to hook you up for a spell & let you loose in our shop and junk-drawers. use the email in my signature to make contact if you're interested.

    hang in there :cool2: