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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by GeorgeGill, Jul 6, 2011.

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    Just finished my bike about a month ago and still haven't got it to I have read a few post here that may have some of the answers to my problem. It's a Boy Go Fast 49 cc kit on a Schwinn Riverside 8 speed. I'm posting some photo's in the Picture Gallery if any of you advanced builders want to take a look...could be I have something simple setup wrong, if anyone see's any problem I would appreciate the help. Everything is per the kit, I noticed when taking the photo's it already starting to get some corrosion on the aluminum from our salt air. I actually finished it back on the 18th of May....mix is 16:1 The last time I tried to start it, I rode it for about an hour....ever time I let the clutch it would almost lock up and almost started a couple of times, tried the choke at different settings...etc.
    I would appreciate any suggestions...


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    Welcome to the forum. Getting the engine fired is always about the basics. Should have fuel in the float bowl. Should spark when you turn it over. Wire connections should be secure. No bare wire should touch the frame (grounds out the spark). Disconnect the kill switch to see if it is faulty. Disconnect and reconnect plug wire, etc. You will get the motor fired.
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    Thanks for the support...still working on it. Tried to get it started yesterday, no luck...going to give it another try tomorrow.