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    Hello all. I just got around to joining the forum here, but have actually been reading the forums for a little over a year now. I have been itching to share my bike with people that will truly appreciate it, so of course I have included pics of my first build, an OCC stingray with a Grubee 48cc. This was my first build and I went all out, and I'm pretty darn proud of it, especially considering the fact that apparently I chose one of the hardest builds to do. This was the Wal mart version stingray, with the chrome frame and candy red fenders/triple tree. I disassembled the whole thing (with a little help from my local bike shop) and painted it myself. I want to extend Thanks to Pirate cycles, Sick bike parts, and Ebay's motor bicycle-famous stingray Barry. Without them these bikes would be near impossible to build without any fabricating. My stepson built the same bike, but his is black, with the fenderless front fork, and he used standard size chrome handlebars that we drilled out to run the cables internally. It looks really mean. My personal little touches that I'm especially proud of are the flask (that me and my wife used to sneak to the bars) that I used as a boost bottle, and the addition of the headlight (vintage craigslist score) and the taillight that I fitted to the rear fender. I have them wired to a cheap little 7.00 dynamo I got off of amazon, and they actually put off enough light to illuminate the road in front of me for night rides! This is an easy solution to the lighting problem we all face that anyone can utilize, granted you're not trying to make your bike legal. If you just need light for night riding and added visibility (and just to look freakin' cool!) these things are cheap and easy to install, and as you can see in the picture, I used the actual mount that came with the dynamo. Me and my stepson and his friend (who bought a complete HERO bike from pirate cycles) have been tearing up the streets of Iowa City now for a little over a year, and we are moving onto our second builds. This time we're using 66 cc's and you can bet with the experience we've picked up they are gonna be some sweet machines. I'll post them when they're completed. Enjoy the pics and feel free to ask questions if you're looking to build one of these yourself!

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    The bike looks good! I got one in the basement i'm gonna get to in the spring.
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    OCC Build

    Just be carefull about that frame. I've built 10 or 12 of those and I found that the metal on them is a little thinner than most frames. Of course I weigh 230lbs so that might have something to do with it.:jester: I'm not kidding about the thin metal though. A little bracing here and there might be in order.
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    I got that same throttle for my bike, it was just too nice looking to pass up. I can't really see much else though, the images are really small.