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  1. Chris Crew

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    Here it is---the Pubcrawler 99% done.

    Still need to address the kickstand and fabricate a cartouche for the headtube.

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  2. sweet! awesome style.
  3. Bikewer

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    Love the headlight! Also the clever use of gas-line pipe to route the muffler.
  4. graucho

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    Solid build, very cool looking also. great job.
  5. vern

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    where did you get the flex pipe for the muffler, i would like to do that on my bike....what size??
  6. kraash

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  7. bikebum1975

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    Cool bike. Where did you get the saddlebags from?
  8. Chris Crew

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    parts on the pubcrawler

    Looks like some interest in the parts list

    Head and tail lamps were bodged together from $3.99 and $4.99 led flashlights from Harbor Fright (a 21 led for the head and 7 led for tail) and a couple of leftovers from light fixtures and my plumbing bin. Billy May's mighty putty and a 98 cent rattleball can of black from Wallyworld (only thing I buy there, I swear it.)

    The exhaust extension is a flexible hot water heater connector from the plumbing section of my local Ace Hardware ($12.00) I saw a piece on here that someone made up from electrical conduit, but when I tried that, I found out that the EC is not air tight, so oil from the exhaust during break-in was getting everywhere. After cutting the muffler, I crimped the raw ends slightly and put on a copper 3/4 Street Coupling with muffler patch epoxy and also tapped a small screw in through both the coupling and the steel on the muffler ends. The flex pipe is attached to the coupling with another small self-tapping scew and then the joints at both ends are soldered for a tight seal.

    The toolbag on the back is an enigma. It was a gift from a well experienced uncle and came with no provenance---I believe that it is an engineer's or other tool bag from one of the armies of Eastern Europe. The inside is split into three compartments that are not the right size for rifle magazines, plus if a bag that size was filled with bullets, it would weigh about 40# and get left behind on the march. I have my eye open for another. The Sportsman's Guide (google it) is a good source for inexpensive foreign military gear including a bunch of stylish bags and pouches.

    Thanks for the feedback
  9. javelina1

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    very nice work. great looking bike! :D