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    Hello all,
    I just got my new 80cc and unpacked it and will be starting to put it together tonight. I am using a kit Called Black Stallion 80cc 2 stroke. I picked that one because the block is painted black and it matches the bike that I am using which is a Schwinn Del Mar Cruiser. Everthing looks OK except the gas tank is really scratched up and they hand grips seem kind of cheap as well as the gas line being a regular clear plastic tube. This is going to be my first build so I really don't need the best of everything at this point and I can upgrade later. I can't wait to get my MB running I'm in WI and the weather is getting nice out finally. I rode a MB last summer and I absolutely loved! Brought me back to being a kid on the street corner with my BMX gang talking about how we wished we could throw engines on our bikes. I am I'm a little overwhelmed by this, not being very experienced mechanically, but I am glad that this forum exists. Took a look at alot of the threads and it seams that everybody is on here for the same reasons. Getting their bikes running keeping them running and fixing them when they break down and helping others to do the same. As well as showing off their mobile works of art upon completion. Hopefully this goes well and the next time I am posting w/ pictures of my cruiser, but I have a feeling I'll need to ask a number of ?'s before that happens. Thanks in advance everybody for your help!

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    Welcome aboard.

    The good news is that building these doesn't require any particulary stringent ability. If you know how to tighten a fastener without over-torquing it, you're just about all right.
    Now you should still read these threads as much as possible because these parts will be unfamiliar. Mistakes are still possible.

    But you'll be riding in no time. It's possible that you're riding as I'm writing this. And if not, then you will be soon.

    See you around.
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    Welcome Jvan Good Luck with your build !!!
    You will be on the road soon just in time for the good weather ...
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    Thanks for the reply! I have been working on it and I have the motor mounted in a good spot. It seems secure and as low as I can get it on the frame. No time to work on it today, but tomorrow I have my father and a neighbor coming over who fortunatly are a little more gearheaded than I am and are willing to work for beer so I hopefully will be able to knock it out in short order and be ready for an Easter ride. This is the part that I think is going to be a little harder, removing the tire and getting the sproket attached. I've read that the Del Mars from Schwinn are a little tight due to the coaster brake and the way the bike is engineered. Thanks again for the reply, and I'll keep you posted!
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    Sounds Like

    You got it under control ...
    Have a Safe first flight !!!:cool2:
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    Hi Jvan! I just finished a Del Mar and here is what I had to do:
    1. I made a custom motormount up front.
    2. Trimmed the rear fender.
    3. reversed the rear sprocket to push the chain clearance out from the tire.
    4. Drilled a stop pin to keep the tensioner from going into the spokes!

    This is only my second day of motoring but things are going great! TJ
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    Thanks guys! I could use a little more detail from TJ

    TJ thanks alot for the info. That is really cool that you completed the same build that I am working on. I don't have alot of experience here so if you could give a me a little more desription on a couple of things I would appreciete it.

    1. I made a custom motormount up front.Seems like mine is holding it pretty well w/ the standard.

    2. Trimmed the rear fender. Ive heard this I am assuming that I may need to trim the part that is pointing towards the front of the bike. Right?

    3. reversed the rear sprocket to push the chain clearance out from the tire. This is part that I need more info on. Thanks!

    4. Drilled a stop pin to keep the tensioner from going into the spokes! This part I think that I get, I am assuming that you mean that the chain was putting more pressure on the tensioner that you had to drill and mount a stop pin to hold it up out of the way of the spokes?

    Once again, thanks for helping out a Newbie! :thinking:
  8. Jvan

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    Hello all,
    Had some major hub issues and finally got that back together and was able to mount the sproket chain and tensioner. All that I have left is the handle grips the clutch grip mounting. Mounting the gas tank and filling her up with gas. I did need to fabricate a front motor mount as opposed to drilling through the frame which seemed like a bad idea. I used a piece of Billet composite aluminum and a threaded U bolt and a fastener for a car muffler to lock everything in tight. I am going to need to look at some posts on how to hook up the throttle and the clutch, but hopefully that won't be too tough. Hopefully I will have some pictures up soon.
  9. toddjlyons

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    Hi Jvan(again!),
    I used a small billet, too for the front. Your question about the rear sprocket could be confusing, some of the sprockets with these engines are concave and the weird instructions state to put the concave "in". I did and did not have the clearance on my Del Mar. I reversed it and it worked out! After about a week and a half of motoring and breaking in the engine I have no problems except for a loose chain! 25+ miles. TJ