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    Hello all, I've been watching this forum and getting information for years, so I figured I should go ahead and make a profile. Ya'll have built some great bikes and I can't wait to start my build over the next couple of months! My plan is to build up a basic Huffy cruiser w/ a 66/80cc kit, SBP Expansion exhaust and Shifter Kit onto 8spd 12/32 Cassette, and of course make it into a cafe racer setup. There is a 50cc race in Georgia in October called the True Grits 50cc fun run that I'd like to race it in. I've done the race in the past on scooters, and it's just plain awesome.

    Background about me. I come from bicycles and am a Barnett's Certified bicycle mechanic with 10 years in the industry. I've worked on several motorized bikes through the years for customers and this last one that came through the shop pushed me over the edge making me want one of my own. Can't wait!