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    Do not attempt to adjust your set. We are now controlling both the ride height and the engine displacement. If we wish to make the transmission louder, we will chose a steeper gear set. If we wish to make the transmission softer, we will pedal. You are about to experience the mystery and awe reaching from the Cylinder Wall to...The Outer Fender!

    As long as I was making an introduction, I figured I would throw some geek humor in. (I'm hoping at least a few of you will get that...) My name is Mitchel, and though I currently reside and ride in Austin, Texas, I will soon be heading to Massachusetts to pursue a mechanical engineering degree. I am actually looking for a new ride, so if anyone in the Boston/Cambridge/Worcester area is looking for a sale or trade, or knows of a good shop, please let me know. Gas and electric are both cool with me, though my experience is with the former. Also, I can't say I know much about Massachusetts state law in this regard, so any information would be appreciated.

    That is all. Sit quietly and stand by...