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  1. alswiseowl

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    hi everyone
    i am a new member from (sydney) australia

    i have never owned a petrol motorised bicycle(but definatly considering one).i own a 36v elevtric bicycle that i want to replace with a nice petrol one.
    can anyone advise me on any sellers in australia that sell honda,robin,mitsubishi brand motors.i am after reliability,but cant find a single seller in australia that sells a nice 2stroke or 4stoke motor.::annoyed:
    i dont want a chinese motor kit,simply because i work with powertools(gardening) and know to stay away from the chinese ones.(unreliable)+parts are hard to find.

    i would like a 4stroke kit that goes 45-50kph

    so if anyone can point me in the right direction please do so.
    i would really appreciate it..

    thank you for your time in reading this
    take care

  2. Reid

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    Welcome from another new, but yet unwelcome member.

    Pardon, me, mate, as I have another go at the barbie?

    Turnin' shrimp, I am.
  3. ENO

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    Welcome to Mbc

    Hey Wise one..Eno (Oz) (Newcastle)..Lots of Aussies here.... go to "Aussie Roll Call" to find out who is near to pal up with. The only supplier I know of is Gasman Bikes in Sydney (but there must be others) (Google it) and I am not sure if they sell other motors besides the Chinese HT..Give them a buzz anyway and they might be able to supply others or give you a tip where to get a better quality motor. We have a chinese 80cc on an OCC Chopper and havent had any problems at all (so far) (300 Ks)..Good luck anyway and welcome again....Got to go as I am putting on a "Hair Raisin Barbie" for Reid this arvo..Little does he know, but hes the main course..See ya ...Eno
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  4. alswiseowl

    alswiseowl New Member

    thanks eno..
    i will search ausise roll call
    honestly ive been looking at this 4 stroke honda clone sold at thay also sell the 4stroke kit on ebay for $400 delivered to sydney.....
    im just doing a bit of research on it,before i buy far so good
    i will probably place my order in the next 48hrs.
    i plan on taking photos of my build then eventually videos of its performance

    once again thanks m8
  5. gothicguy64

    gothicguy64 Member

    i have a full rocksolid bike an motor and yes im in syd too.
  6. gothicguy64

    gothicguy64 Member

    well my rocksolid engine has done 1380 km so an is a hp1 50 cc an goes 60 kmh .
    i am addin a poo poo long street pipe an a better chain and a 36 tooth sprocket ...
  7. alswiseowl

    alswiseowl New Member

    hey gothicguy,thanks for your reply...
    do you own the 2 stroke or 4 stroke kit?..
    also haved you had to replace anything,or a you still going strong with your kit
    at the moment im leaning towards a 4 stroke motor kit,

    ive tried calling rocksolid today but only was able to leave a message
    inregards to their 4 stroke kits,i see on their website that they sellem but i cant find the motor specs for the 4 stroke engines....i must be missing something.

    once again thanks guys
  8. alswiseowl

    alswiseowl New Member

    hey gothicguy,did you also get the chainless bicycle....if you can post some pics.
  9. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member want to go from electric to ICE usually other way around once people see how much better performance electric gives. Whats the issue your having with the 36volt setup? ooooh is it a hub motor? they do suck *** unless (even IMO) on higher volts...need you a brushless non-hub motor buddy, crusie you around 60km/hr no sweat range would be dependent on batteries, mate runs 48volt setup gets 60+km/hr speed (geard to that) and 50 plus kilometres range, i might be bias but i think his ride looks better with electric than when he ran ICE-->

    with 66cc ICE

    48V 20ah 1000watt brushless setup

    Electric...quiet, more torque mor top speed no smell LEGAL to ride on bicycle paths and sidewalks in Australia ICE powered bicycles AREN'T

    Future is electric (as far as bicycles go) your going backwards with ICE of luck anywayz...


    p.s Welcome to the forum...fello Aussie hear :)
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  10. alswiseowl

    alswiseowl New Member

    hi there aussiejester..
    well first of all those two bikes in the photos man look so so sweat..obviously build by a job.12/10

    well i guess when it comes to the electric vs petrol thing,is that ive never ridden a petrol powered bike, curiosity is getting the better of me there..
    + my 36v hub motor needs a upgrade of some sort,2years old now & something is telling me inside to upgrade....

    so researching & also after seeing motors like honda,morini perform on utube,who wouldnt be happy...the only thing no one sells these kits in oz that im aware of.

    to be honest i have also been looking at a 1200watt cyclone kit 48v set up
    lookspowerful + makes a bit of noise,just enough to alert some one around that your on the approach,but have read that some of there stuff has been unreliable like ,controllers,freewheel ect
    that it doesnt make me feel like $$$$pending.
    i am a bit stuck at the moment on which one to get:confused:
    petrol or electric,petrol or electric

    anyways thanks for your reply aussie
  11. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member

    Want to see how fast a 1000watt brushed motor goes on video checkz out the link in my sig...thats 1000watt on a 75kilo brother has a jackshaft, modified 49cc china gurl pipe etc MTB, my trike absolutely smashes it for performance, not just beats... smashes!...
    You want impressive acceleration and top speed? No sub 50cc china motor is going to out run a 1200watt brushless motor with decent controller and battery not even close. ...Yes it will be more costly start up going with electric but next to no running costs for the next 5-6+ years till new battery is required. Unless you need to travel 100km plus i think the decision is easy.

    You might also check into Endless Sphere forum full blown lectric bicycle forum with soime ingenious members that will help you if needed...RC motor setup is something to look at if you want the F1 of electric bicycles... Anywayz again best of luck which ever way you decide to go.

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  12. alswiseowl

    alswiseowl New Member

    hay aussie jester,
    i forgot to mention thanks again for welcoming me to the forum...
    also what type of set up does your buddy ride, volts,watts & amps to get those specs,
  13. alswiseowl

    alswiseowl New Member

    sorry man not that good with computers,wheres your sig,or how do i get to it,the vids
  14. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member

  15. alswiseowl

    alswiseowl New Member

    man kim if you dont mind me calling you kim
    after watching your vids,your making me lean more towards the electrics
    especially geared non hub motors....the speed + the hills you pulled with your etrike (which is awsome by the way).gave me a electricrush
    thanks for your help m8..
  16. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member

    No probs mate...I tend to push the electric thing here as it is a site is geared towards ICE bicycles more than electric as such not alot of 'advice' is given when asked "what should i get" its always get a 49cc China Gurl they rock... i hope to get more interested in electric when they see what it can do. I think your on a good path looking at the Cyclone kits, thats what my mate matt has and what i nearly went with in the end saving $$$ and going with brushed setup for less than1/2 the cost. One issue i will warn you of with the cyclone kits are the freewheel cranks. They are rubbish. If you gotto Sickbikes though they sell for ~60 bucks a high end ENO freewheel that can be used in place making the cyclone kit all but bullet proof. Theres a heap of Cyclone users over at Endless Sphere forum mate head on over and checks it out...E-Bike non hub motor is the best place to start i think :)

    I think alot have the wrong idea on electrics, maybe they have seen poor performing 24volt Walmart offerings and written them off as a novelty? Maybe tried a drill powered ghetto setup for fun etc...well, with the batteries we have today its no longer a novelty, ICE V Lecky each have advantages and disadvantages i just try to make sure people (such as yourself) have as much info as possible to make a decision. Contrary to how it may sound i really have no problem with ICE bicycles and helped instal, modify,tune my brothers 49cc build

    When electric wont be viable...If you have in excess of 50kilometer one way ride and no ability to charge before return trip. Cost is also higher initially than the ICE alternative. After setup running costs are few cents for charging nothing more needed. No oil, no fuel, no new spark plugs, throttle cables clutch cables, pressure plates, etc etc etc... VERY little to go wrong with electric motor they have one moving part!

    Soz for the long winded reply, best of luck buddy

  17. alswiseowl

    alswiseowl New Member

    sweet thanks aussie...