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    I'm Felipe from Curitiba, southern Brazil (An I the first Brazilian guy here?), I saw an "bicycle engine kit" at local ebay website and got it. Then searching the WWW found this forum which proved to be very useful. Now I had everything I need to finish my bike, probably by the end this week. Can wait to see it running.

    Bike: 26" Brazilian made, Bremem brand, beach bike style,
    it haves some Aero rims and Kendra flame tires and 21 velocities.

    Engine: Chinese 80cc

    Instead using that **** spark plug I will be running some NGKs B5HS and BP5HS, (BP means it haves a "protuberant" insulator), Do someone have any response about this plugs?

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    Hi and welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    Hello buddies,

    After solving many issues (exhaust tube extended, new spark plug boot and wire, adapters to hold the tank to the frame, and the list goes on...) I could fire and run my MB this afternoon. It runs pretty and I'm happy with its performance.

    Felipe Cobu