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    I've been riding bikes my whole life, even when I got my first car, WAY back when, I still rode. Raced motorcycles in high school, motocross, on a Hodaka Super Rat. I've laced many motorcycle wheels and many bicycle wheels. Rebuilt lots of motors, from cars to motorcycles,( 2 & 4 stroke). Got an insanely overwhelming drive to build a board track style bicycle. Ever since I first laid eyes on one, several months ago. I WILL build one,although it may be somewhat later than as soon as I would like,(money issues). I have an OLD,(40's or 50's...I really need to do a serial # check on that), Evans 26'' girls frame and wheels. The wheels, (steel of course), I will use with new 14 gauge stainless spokes, but not sure the hub I will lace up. I will cut the frame and bend tubing for the down tube, (much lower and cradling the motor), and the most upper of the two top tubes. I'm close to ordering a 80cc chinese 2 stroke off Ebay, which I will not be able to leave alone. Will have to match and polish the ports, maybe cut the intake side of the piston skirt, the intake manifold is NOT a straight shot to the port, so I will more than likely fab up a new one before the motor is broken in. I know I will want to change the crank bearings and hardware for better quality ones. Well, I can't wait to get really started. Just collecting the parts now, making tube bending jigs, and lots of dreaming on the subject! I'm glad to be a member! Thank you all for the inspiration.

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    sounds like you have a plan!!
    I remember the Super Rat!! my cousin had one....that was one crazy, backwards shifting, wheelie machine!!
    a friend at school had a Combat Wombat.
    I had a Honda SL100....everyone else had Yamahas & Suzukis... they always "smoked" me!! haha

    welcome to MBc.

    oh yeah.... we're gonna need to see some pics. Especially of the Evans...before you chop it!! ;)
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    digital camera

    I will have to figure out how to send the pictures from my digital camera, its new to me, and haven't sent pictures before. I do have some old snapshots of my Super Rat, from 1974, wouldn't know how to send them, or copy them to send. Even though this is a bicycle site, some would like to see it, I'm sure...will work on sending the Evans pictures soon, Thanks.