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    Hello everyone,my name is Russell,and I am addicted to motorized bikes. I'm new to this site but not to fixin thangs.
    I live in Fort Collins,Co. I'm a transplant from Bossier City,La.
    For my birthday, last month, my son presented me with a shiny black,lots of chrome, Recently out of the crate, A Whizzer NE-R.
    It ran like like you know what. But after adjusting the valves, leak proofing the valve cover,relocateing breather unit, dropping carb needle down to second notch from top to adjust to alt. here (5400+),I have a really sweet ride! All this knowledge to do this, came from just reading on this web site.Thanks to everyone for all your help.
    I have a kit motor coming this week,can not wait to start this project.
    RIDIN AND GRINNIN, in Fort Collins,Co. Russell

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    Hello Rus, welcome and best of luck with your new project.