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  1. Itdc_Ipt

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    Hi, recently joined the forum because I was looking for a cheaper way to get around. I've also recently purchased a 66cc kit from one of the vendors that was reviewed on this site and am looking forward to installing it in the coming week.

    I will be doing the majority of my riding in the Statesboro area and I look forward to meeting any members from that area.

  2. Itdc_Ipt

    Itdc_Ipt New Member

    By the way I'm an electrical engineering student and as such am curious to know if anyone has measured the output of their coils?
  3. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. Expect a white wire output of 6 to 7 volts. Not sure about the coil.
  4. GearNut

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    At 3 watts, 0.4615 amps on the white wire too.
  5. Itdc_Ipt

    Itdc_Ipt New Member

    Excellent that should be more than enough to power my arduino and the lights I want it to control. By the way does any one have any idea where I should look for advice on turn signal design and mounting?
  6. GearNut

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    I have no suggestions on turn signal design, mounting though should be easy with a little creativity.
    One thing to consider with the white wire, it is an AC signal. You will have to use a 1/2 wave rectifier to get a pulsed DC output. Do NOT use a full wave rectifier as that will kill the signal to the CDI box.
    The best way to look at it is the top half of the sine wave charges the CDI box, the bottom half supplies power to the white wire.
    The orientation of the diode in the 1/2 wave rectifier definitely matters as you do not want to take power away from the CDI box.
    There are 2 coils inside the mag on the engine. One for the CDI and one for the white wire. They share a common ground.
    Here is a drawing that someone shared with us (Sorry I can't give credit where credit is due).

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  7. Itdc_Ipt

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    Interesting, once I get my kit together I'm going to have to throw it on a scope and see what I can get from a half wave rectifier and a RC circuit