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    Hello folks. This forum has been very helpful in many ways. Thanks to you all! I started with an old Huffy Main Street 7 speed cruiser, ordered a Huasheng 4 stroke kit from Bikeberry, and started adding accessories. A mirror, headlight, taillight and seat from Ebay, horn from Wally World, rear rack from Bikemanforu, and later a Q-Matic drive and tuned exhaust from Quenton at EZ Motorbikes. I needed a larger rear sprocket for the Q-Matic, so got a 66 tooth from Pirate Cycles, and a custom hub adapter from Manic Mechanic. Excellent service from all suppliers involved! The tuned exhaust was louder than I liked, so I went to Tractor Supply and bought a lawn mower muffler and drilled out the baffle inside with a 1/2" bit. It toned down the exhaust just the right amount with no loss in power or performance. Top speed is 35MPH.

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    Welcome :D
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    Very nice. I like your muffler solution.