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    Hello my name is Dimitris and i am from Greece.
    I want to convert my old bike in a motorized one.
    If you can suggest me some e-shop from Europe that i can order a motor bicycle engine kit????
    Only i found "transformercycles".
    Thanks a lot.

  2. I'm sure E-Bay is a good place to look. Will have to change the country to Greece.

    Thats where I got mine, but it was shipped to Canada.
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    Sorry...can't help with your motor problem in Europe, but a lot of our sponsors will ship international. It shouldn't cost too much to ship just the motor kit if you buy the battery locally. Good Luck...OPA!
  4. If its in North America somewhere I believe the shipping would be insane. Think it would atleast have to be in Europe.
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    I dont know about all that., Its cool to hear that there is a fan way over there. I showed my 8yr. old daughter on a globe where that was. Hope you get MB's going in your area. trend setter. Did you get some stickers yet. Let your buddies know all about us.
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    the first listing you posted, the seller has a lot of negative feedback. I would avoid that seller based on that even if the product was good.
  8. Without know much about the different companies I'm not sure, but I believe many of the engines are very similar.
  9. dmpatanis

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    I want to know how reliable is this chinese motor.
    I go to buy one or i must put on it a lot of money to make it run OK??????
    I dont know what to do.To buy one or not??????
    Thanks a lot.
  10. They are very reliable if you take care of them. Many people get 1000's of miles out of them with no problems.

    The only thing is sometimes you get a dud and have tonns of problems. Although that doesn't happen often, it can still be a problem. If you buy from a good dealer you will be able to trade it in though.
  11. dmpatanis

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    Whitch type of motor to buy???
    1)with aytomatic clutch
    2)or the tratitional one???
    With automatic clutch we don use clutch handle???
    Thanks a lot.
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    If i put this motor with the automatic clutch and a pull start in my mountain bike , i must change the peddal with wider one???


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