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    Hello, I found this forum along with another and just decided to join this one too.

    I decided to make a motorized bicycle for simple commuting and fun. I'm 18 years old, and my car isn't all that reliable or gas efficient, and i hate having to drive the thing around town because it just wastes so much gas and it's such a sketchy ride. When I went to get it looked at for repairs, to get it in good running condition would cost me twice as much as I had paid for it. so I went on the lookout for some cheap transportation until i save up for a better car. I knew about electric bicycles and stuff from a drafting class, but I came across the motorized bicycle kit in a google search and found it to be the perfect opportunity to create a cool source of transportation while gaining some knowledge about simple mechanics and small engines for a small price.

    I am working on an old (no idea how old) tokyo silk katakura cruiser style bicycle, adding an 80cc engine kit, rear view mirrors, vintage speedometer (analog), and other miscellaneous things.

    Note: if anyone knows ANYTHING about my brand of bicycle please let me know, I've been trying to research it forever and have only found that they made some folding bikes back in the day.

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    Hi p-l

    is your bike a 3 speed like the one Dave linked to?

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    yeah its a 3 speed, basically the same extras as that bike but a men's frame and it's red. it also came with a speedometer and an alternator with a light. It's got a grip shifter, fenders, and a rear rack. Mine has a nifty looking chain guard also.

    I got mine for $20, but I could tell why, it was covered in what looked like 100 years of dust and dirt, had no tires, the speedometer didn't work (was put on backwards :) ) and most of the cables were messed up. it really did look like a $20 dollar bike until I cleaned it.

    I cleaned it up and took car of all of the problems and it looks great now.

    Good thing my friend has a duplicate, I'll have to let him know they might be worth more than he thinks.
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    The reason I was asking is I haven't heard many 3 speed success stories, I did one for a lady, but will never repeat it.

    Has to do with the internals.....

    Can you find a 7 speed in the $20 pile??
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    Hello and welcome to MBc.
    Very nice intro that touches on many of the same things
    that got me into MBs.
    Best of luck with your project.
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    I might be able to, I'm not sure. I'll have to try to find another 1.38 26" wheel though, cause I already tried putting on some 1.75 coaster break wheels and they just won't fit at all. they're just too big and rub along the frame.

    what exactly goes wrong on the 3 speed bikes, do you know? I've ridden on one for about 3 years now... and I know that if you don't shift it right (you have to stop pedaling to shift) you'll tear up the gears, and I figure if you were to leave in in a position besides the "locked" gear that it would probably mess up the gears with the motor, but other than that I figured it would be fine.