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    Hello, new here from Missouri. I have an electric assist bicycle, but have decided to try a gasoline powered one. I just picked up a 48cc Skyhawk kit but have yet to decide on a bike to mount it on. I browsed my way here trying to learn all that I can about these kits and others and will gladly offer information when I can help out. Thanks!

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    G'day man & welcome.
    Fine attitude towards helping other ppl out......definate Moderator material. :grin5:
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    Newbie, first build and new member

    It has taken me a long time to put it together but I've finally got my first build up and running. I've been lurking on this forum and others for awhile and have learned a lot of very useful information. I've been collecting parts and pieces for over a year and when I finally started the build.... well, the ad said it would take 2 hours, but it actually took more like 3 weeks... :sweatdrop: Ah well, you get the idea. I've learned a lot along the way and now I get to ride!
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    Welcome back, neighbor. :D
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    Thanks, I forgot that I had already posted here before. The electric bike proved too unreliable so I gave that up. I decided that I didn't want to put up with the hassle and weed wacker sound of a 2 stroke so I never did install it. Guess I'll put it up for sale on ebay one of these days. Finally bought an HS 49cc and a 4g t-belt trans and installed it on a Schwinn Landmark cruiser. After a few teething problems I finally feel like I have a pretty solid ride.
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    hi i live in new haven missouri looking for some ppl to ride with every now and then reply if your near.
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    I live in new haven im down to ride reply to me
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    Hey, I know it's been 7years since u posted, but, how's the Grubee coming along.
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    I wanted to do a build on a Landmark Cruiser. I like the look of the bike.