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    Howdy All,
    I'm brand new to this group and new to motorized bikes. We just finished putting together our first one with a kit from Staton. We are looking at more kits to do more bikes, actually trikes. We would welcome any suggestions on good systems

    Our interest in motorized bikes is due to it appearing to be an ideal alternative transportation system. We have started a very active self-reliance preparedness group in our area to help people be more independent and self-reliant in the event of any possible catastrophic calamity.

    We are totally service oriented in BSOSC (Bitterroot SOS Co-op) to share any and all helpful info folks may want to have. If anyone would like the url of our blog/forum, I will be happy to post it later. But not knowing if that is allowable in the rules, will refrain now.

    We plan on experimenting with a cargo trike motorized, but would like to maintain multiple 6 or 7 speed gears due to our rather unflat terrain! We would really appreciate any suggestions from you guys who have much more experience. Thanks.

    We cover so many areas of preparedness, time will not allow me to get on here often. I will be glad to participate and answer any questions that may be directed my way.

    Thanks for the opportunity to be here.

    Happy Preparedness Trails,