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    I have been reading through the forums and building my own mb sounds like a lot of fun. I really have not decided weather to go with a chinese kit or not. It sounds like it is just a gamble. What is a decent mountian bike that costs under a few hundred? What luck have you guys had with happy time engine and from what vendor? Thanks everyone...
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    Welcome to the forum.
    hope this link helps..
    .bought 2 kits i am happy
    , but he does sell some cheep china junk ...turn signals junk, hubs junk..
    these engine kits get many labels put on them..take your pick..
    good luck..
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    HT's no idea. Grubee's I like. 66cc thats all I've had. Search it out.
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    Is there a usa built motor kit. I know there are kits from Ausie., and Canida I think.
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    Engine Kits

    Hey thrustrc, Welcome.
    ALL the 2 strokes start out in china. some people get them and rebuild them using better parts. And it really makes a difference in reliability. Of course that means you're dragging more money out of your pocket.
    I still just buy the cheap ones and rebuild them myself as needed. They really are a simple engine to work on.
    as far as what bike to use, That's the one thing you have to decide for yourself. NO ONE can tell you what kind of bike YOU like. As long as it isn't some real cheap thing thats gonna break in half first time you jump on it. Just find a good sturdy bike that you think you can live with and go for it.
    Just my 2 cents,
    Big Red.
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    welcome from another Pa rider. were are u at in Pa