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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by GuyG, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. GuyG

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    Hi all! Old dude (60) here that put a 50cc Subaru Robin on a 26" Schwinn Cruiser that is painted green with "Rolling Rock Beer" stuff all over it. Bike is a head-turned for sure. It runs like a rocket but I upgraded the brakes and seat cause at my age I'm more worried about stopping than going!

    Anyway, looking forward to chatting and learning new things. Let me know if anyone succeeds in getting a license on one of these in PA...PennDot is like "duh" about it.

    Will post a few pics of the Rolling Rock Cruiser!

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  2. Alan

    Alan Member

    That's a cool bike you got there. I like the bikini chick hanging off the front. :grin: OH, Rolling Rock ain't bad either.:D

    If you ever do legalize it, Let me know where and how. I'm also in PA.
  3. GuyG

    GuyG New Member

    The bikini chick

    Alan, that's actually a "Bobble-Boobs" doll ... classy, huh? Gifted to me by friends as strange as me! You can find them on eBay.

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  4. jpcourtney

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    Welcome and Happy 4th of July.

    Your bike makes me green with envy (and thirsty, too!) Tastefully done. I like it.

  5. GuyG

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    Thanks for the Welcome


    Thanks for the welcome and glad you like the "ole Number 33". Like everything else they don't make Rolling Rock in Latrobe anymore.

    I go to car shows on Sunday nights and park right in the middle of the Harleys, throw the two-legged kickstand down, then ask them boys if they'd mind watching "my bike" while I look at the cars! When I get back there's usually a dozen people standing around my bike and no one is looking at the Harley's...what a HOOT!

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  6. Alan

    Alan Member

    One of my bike shops has a Rolling Rock bike. Balloon tire, springer, gas tank, fender light.
    He got it from a beer distributor, and is selling it for 300.00. I'm tempted.:)
  7. GuyG

    GuyG New Member

    I have heard Schwinn only made 500 hundred of those bikes for "promo". $300 ain't too bad. I did some computer programming for a distributor who was broke...I got the bike...he got the programs.
  8. mark2yahu

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    Beautiful setup, nice green machine, and the chick on the handlebar's looking nice an lean :)
  9. Xxpect

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    I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, now live in the mountains of California. My mother is a retired lawyer and still lives in the 'burgh. She loves legal research, so I'll ask her to look into the laws related to motorized bikes in PA. I'll post what she finds here unless I find an existing thread on state laws. (I'm a newbie on these forums too :grin:)
  10. GuyG

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    Many thanks!

    That's a very nice offer and thanks. Hurray for us retired people. If she comes up with the right answer I'll take her for a ride. Lived in Santa Maria for several years thanks to the USAF! I miss California...but it could be confusing at times.

    That stuff they put on sandwiches...never knew whether to eat it or smoke it!
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    Rock On...

    Pittsburgh's in the house...