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    Hey everyone. Ive built 2 bikes so far. Sold the first one. Love this hobby. It has consumed most of my summer so far :) This my 2nd bike. Its beach cruiser i bought off craigslist. Guy think its a huffy i dunno. I stripped and painted it. And hooked it up if I do say so myself. Still want to do more mods to it but i think its where i want it for now. About 250 miles on the motor. Running real good. I rode next to a guy on a motorcycle the other day and he clocked me at 35 which i was very surprised. think it was on a slight down grade. anyway heres some pics.

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    looks great

    great job with the bike I like the accent around the pipe. Where did you get the headlight? I've been looking for something to put led's in and that would be perfect.
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    Hello from Florida! I used to live about 100 miles north of you in Meadville. The winters are MUCH better down here! Nice looking bike!!