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    So cool. Bought my first gas bike for $150 bucks off CList in Reno, NV. Super cheap bike and build, but got me from there to here. Now I'm off and running with a new frame up build on a Felt Canvas. Going Grubee 68cc two stroke with a sickbikes deluxe shifter kit.

    So good to find so much info here on modifications, etc. I'm doing the frame tank conversion and building custom wheels with a rear NuVinci hub, and triple crown front forks, w/disc brake.

    My biggest issue or should say lack of info, knowledge, or just skill, are the rear brakes. The Felt frame does not appear to have caliper break mounts, so what? No coaster brakes for this bike. Has any one used the Nuvinci hub? Can you put a drum brake on this?

    Be posting the build on youtube as it comes together. So psyched to do a frame up job on this.

    Thanks for all your fine info on this site. Power to the people. Peddle, gas, and go...