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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Purple Haze, Aug 21, 2011.

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    Hi everyone... wanting to meet anyone else in the hobby from my area, it seems I have the only motoredbike in town! Built mine about a month ago, and can't wipe the grin off my face... these things are soooo much fun!!! I will post a pic as soon as I can figure it out.

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    Hi neighbor

    Welcome to MBc :D
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    Welcome to the forum and keep on ridin'.
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    Missing parts

    I've been riding my new build about a month, great fun. I was hearing funny noises, but shrugged it off after hearing others post about noises, and figured it was normal for these cheaply made engines. Then it quit running and would not start, so I looked into the ignition system. Sure enough, the magneto was soaked with water and very rusty. I then decided to remove the engine and go through it, as many members have suggested on these forums. Sanded the head for flatness and polished the combustion chamber, then removed cylinder, intending to clean up any casting flash. HOLY SMOKES!!! NO PIN BUSHING IN ROD!!! How did this thing run, much less for 100+ miles? Ok, I'm done ranting, just wanted to warn all noobs to never take anything for granted with these chinese motors. Consider the whole engine a kit, a collection of parts that need to be inspected and reassembled as required. These are slapped together by (probably) slave labor and nonexistant quality control. I now need a new piston, cylinder, and small-end bushing, plus a new mag for the ignition. It's been a learning experience!