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    Hello. I have your average 60cc cruiser with a few upgraded parts, always looking for performance! Hoping to hit 40MPH soon, upgrading to a 36T and looking into the motor drive sprocket, and info on where to get a larger one would be great.

    Not working right now due to a gas tank leak, but I'll be back on the road soon :grin5:

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  2. taylorinalaska

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    OK, I'll start by asking here first:

    I want to build some type of dual-sprocket drive system for the motor, something that I can shift from a 60T sprocket to a 36T or something close to that.

    My idea was to take the shifter assembly from a mountain bike and use the rear derailleur on the sprockets. ITs hard to explain, but my question is, does anyone have a setup where they are using 2 or more sprockets to drive the rear wheel with the motor, so that you can start off at a slower speed, then shift at higher speeds? This seems like the best way to reach 40+mph.

    Thanks in advance
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    Hey Taylorinalaska, check out sick bike parts in the sponsor section left side of page. Their shifter kit is the best money you'll spend on that ride of yours, it uses all of your rear derailer gears. Go for it, it's a proven winner