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    Hi everyone, I'm from sydney, 22. been browsing the forum for a while and enjoy looking at everyone's bikes, get lots of good ideas and helpful advice.
    I Just finished my first bike build as a way to get to work because I don't drive. It's been alot of fun, I have a friend who has built a few and helped me along the way so it's been a pretty easy build. Picked up a cheap Mountain Bike on ebay and a 66cc 2 Stroke and had it running the same day :)

    Just painted it over christmas and finished getting it running again yesterday, heres some pics from before it got painted.

    My magneto flooded during heavy, so as a precaution I made a plate to stop water splashing up again.

    And getting the frame ready to paint

    Will take some more pics later of the new paintjob.
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  2. ibdennyak

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    Good thinking on your water deflector.
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    Welcome to another Aussie in the ranks.

    Cheers BJ
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    heres a few more helpful tips ..

    1 .go to big w an buy urself a 26nch road tyre for ur rear (20 bux)
    2 . get a thornresistant tube from k-mart (10 bux )
    3 use good oil ,, i use valoline racin oil from supercheep (10 bux )
    4 buy a speedo kmart (15 bux )
    allways wear a hemet an lie if asked its a 48 cc

  5. nvmextc

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    Yer thx, I've been looking for better tyres and whenever i go to the shop they are out of thorn resistant tubes so i sliced a tube and have 2 tubes in the back atm till I can get something better. I always wear a helmet and high vis as well if its dark out, like to be safe on this thing :).

    Heres a picture of my bike with the new paintjob, matte black, also hooked up a 7.2v lighting kit from eBay, wires are a mess atm, still need to tidy them and add more LED's for brake light's, replace headlight etc.

  6. Dave C

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    Hi and welcome :)

    Great start, bike looks killer.

    Now, my 2 cents. Remove the sticker on your clutch cover. Wouldn't do much good telling a po po that you have a 49 when it says 80 right there. Second is shorten that chain. They strech badly at the first. I started with not having to shorten mine at all . So far I've removed 3 link segments. Lastly, check the nuts and bolts after EVERY ride. Things shake loose every time for me and its good insurance against having to pedal home(done that once :annoyed: )
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    nice thread and pics and stuff :)