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Sep 30, 2006
I guess we are all thinking the same thing, the Yahoo.groups seem pulseless, I started a googlegroup last week just so I could ask questions about missing pictures from my last motorized bike tour of E.Central Alabama.

When I got to Heflin, AL, it was the first town where they wrote an article PRECEDING my arrival.

I'm a satisfied Golden Eagle customer, since buying my first engine (knowing zip/zero/nada about bicycles), I've assembled bikes for customers in 11 Alabama counties, about 30 in all.

There were none to speak of here in the Appalachian foothills before. I started a publicity campaign as I scout out new areas. Unfortunately, most concentrate on the single novelty of a bike passing through small towns, not enough on the "industry".

Like Tom, I was seeking a forum with the "real users", not the prospective customers, and so last week I made a blog called:

I call it the "all stars", to find the folks who are trailblazing. This thing is in it's infancy, I call it the beginning of the Hula Hoop.

Last May/June I did a 2,000 solo, no support round trip from Alabama to Denver, had about 7 newspaper articles written in small town papers about the concept. Some Australians saw all the press I have accumulated, and said something about a coast to coast challenge in 8 or 9 months.

I figure 15 days mimimum, to cross Atlantic (Charleston SC) to Pacific (San Diego?).

Anyway, I think Tom's forum might be an excellent place to discuss routes, rally ideas, challenges, towns to AVOID! #1 Town to AVOID is from Greenville Mississippi to Indianola Mississippi, 8 HORNHONKERS, MORE HORNHONKERS IN THIS STRETCH OF 4 LANE HIGHWAY THAN THE ENTIRE BAMA TO DENVER TRIP.

I also have camping ideas, like avoiding denim, that morning moisture adds 3 pounds of weight when doing long distance.

If anybody has specific Golden Eagle Bike Engine questions, I'd be happy to help out.

A new GEBE customer in Marin County was the first to ask advise, and he too is looking for a forum for topics.

I have built about 15 bikes using the Sun Alum 7 frame as the best value for the price I've found, so I can also help with specific questions on this model bike.

My back wheels now weigh 9 pounds, if used in suicide bombings my back wheels should survive the blast. If you want hints on making that rear tire dependable, I can show you some ways to reduce anxiety about flats and such.

I used Paul C in signing up, everywhere else I'm the bama_bikeguy, so I hope we have an invigorating forum.

peace/love & 93 octane


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Aug 4, 2006
alabama to denver?!?!?!! wow!!!!!!

The longest trip ive ever made is about 7 miles!

Looks like we have a seasoned veteran here!!

I am glad you are on the forum!

PS: Do you write for a newspaper? Maybe you could mention the forum in one of your articles, that might help build the community.


Great stuff! Interesting you noted stopping at the tribes, I live next to the Mescalero Apache reservation in Ruidoso, NM. in fact was at 2 casinos last night.

I live and work with Indians in my community and I love the motorized bikes. I bet they would love the motorized bikes as i see many of em walking back and forth from the rez.

You got me thinking about taking a trip on a bike.


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Sep 30, 2006
A couple of things I learned from those tribes.....

According to some of the elders/assistant chiefs I spoke to from east of Cordell OK, toward Ada, OK, then down to Broken Bow OK...

We found a 10,000 year old arrowhead on our property, and they say this north central area in Alabama was "happy hunting ground", no man's land, not claimed by Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw or Choctaw.

The eastern tribes that had to do the Trail of Tears had to abandoned holy burial grounds and sites.

BUT BE VERY CAREFUL with the western tribes, like the Comanche, Apache and Navaho, because they didn't LEAVE important sites, more or less "contracted" around their burial/ceremonial grounds. They will be VERY disturbed if trespassers get near these holy sites that are central to the culture. One guy might shrug and say nothing when you enter, and the next group you meet might be unfriendly indeed, it is their nation.

When you look at a map, follow the line from Springville CO to Boise City OK, and the highest point in Oklahoma is closeby. That is where a competition for hitting the highest point could take place. You can also go about 2 miles away from the Sante Fe Trail signs on the highway and see 1850's-80's grafitti, actual wagon ruts from the wagon trains.

Highway 3 on that Okla. Panhandle is a poured cement road, plunk, plunk plunk, but you can read about the area in Larry McMurtry's latest book, "Telegraph Days." Freindliest towns on that stretch were Springville CO, (good steakhouse, newspaper is the Baca Weekly) and Shaddix OK, which is at the far end of the panhandle, beginning of the Southern Plain/red clay terrain.

Have fun.....


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Sep 30, 2006
Protecting the weakest among us

Note: I'm posting a picture in tribute to the Amish today...

Note: Someone objected to my saying something about "Big Oil" and I thought I'd post my rambling Bicycle meditation/manifesto.

The "pun" you object to is regarding energy independence, how ingenuity is squashed by special interests, i.e. sugar based ethanol (15 cents per gallon cost in Brazil, now being imported by Australia) versus corn-based (ADM and CONAGRA controlling over 70% of the industry, subsidized and still $3 a gal.)

I sold over 10,000 custom built storm windows and doors (in 3 designer colors) in seven years under Carter's home insulation program, a program that worked, then was gutted. Car's (vegas/pintos/etc.) were getting similar mileage as those today, where's the innovation?

I'm mad because they promised us Jetson's and Johnny Quest vehicles in Saturday Morning cartoons.

I've met thousands of people, held thousands of conversations, found ONE guy I pretty much agree with on every opinion and outlook. Since my SF Giants are out, and his Cleveland Indians too, we agreed to back the Twins. He and I came up with the "United Smiths of America" idea a few years ago, based on one initial plank.

Agreeing with Bill K. is more important than convincing you of anything. He and I, and many others abandoned the internet in 1999, these hardheaded freethinkers are hard to convince to come back aboard.

United Smiths of America #1, numero uno plank: REVOKE PENSIONS AND SPECIAL PERKS OF ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS (not civil servants/appointed positions are temporary unless otherwise stated).

Then work on the ideas that 80% agree on, i.e. protecting the environment (where did the Superfund money go, that 1970's program was supposedly self funded),

When you look at IDEAL situation, cleanest environment, air, water, highest citizen satisfaction, zoning, least lobby influence, education value, etc.etc. (of/by/for the people) you find it in New Hampshire. Why? No sitting legislature, amateurs running the government, town halls identify/address a problem/issue, then up the ladder, the issue gets resolved.

I've never been to New Hampshire, but instead of platitudes, simply say, "This is the best example of democracy we have in all the 50 states".

I subscribe to the Eisenhower/don't trust the "Defense Industry" advise, espoused in, am looking at the governer of Iowa as a 2008 candidate, not the pinheads the media are spouting. My son was one of the youngest in Iraqi freedom, turning 18 in uniform in December 2002, then was a victim of that predatory lending everybody is now shouting about, 300% interest on a car loan. Kid's they never listen, "don't buy a car near a base".

In fictional utopian literature, i.e. The Lord of the Flies, the lesson is society cracks when the weakest are victims and society did nothing. Hypocrisy is always my target, I screamed bloody murder at Clinton's Telecommunications Act of 1996, and in 1997 take full credit (well placed registered letters to the IRS commissioner, 2 North Carolina Senators and the major newspapers), forcing the IRS to admit a week later that their $4 billion dollar computer DID NOT WORK.

Based on 20 years of tax prep. I trust no government to operate databases, people wonder why didn't anybody say anything when Hitler was rising in the 1930's, and what I try and keep an eye on is "categorization", which was the method used to pick off the weakest one by one.

Of the people, by/for the people is an IDEAL, not a standard, and the quest should always be to strive for the ideal, not allow politicians to start saying "except for this small group, that obscure religion, them crazy polygamists" etc. Government, and lately the judiciary, has swapped "the people" for "publically held companies", dominated by incesteous/Greek frat system boards of directors. Money being the root of all evil.

How can Coca Cola sell a bottle of coke in India for ten cents and still make a profit???

The IDEAL set forth by the founding fathers was "amateur politicians", not the political industry that has developed. Common sense, leaders owing no allegience to industry, not having to tow the party lines to climb the ladder to that "club" in the Senate, that is an ideal, and the information age may allow the process to come full circle, back to the ideal.

In the game of "hide the pea", heck everybody can now see the pea in this shell game. Bankruptcy legislation favoring banks, prescription bills favoring insurers and drug makers, natural resources carved away. Information is ideally transparent and understood...and the internet does allow extreme left and extreme right to shout the loudest, but the common sense middle knows more facts, is not swayed, and sees the shouting as hinderances to dragging the dead horses off Main Street.

And so, critics like Mark Twain/Will Rogers, aimed at the common folk, poking fun at ANY "leader" is a method. Government is "manmade", society evolves (problems can be traced to the economic diaspora in the sixties, seventies, eighties which made the nuclear extended family obsolete, the dispersion to "follow a career" meant finding substitute cousins to interact with), it cannot be undone.

All information is NOW transparent, the genie won't go back in the bottle. We have to use the information in a constructive manner, and in many cases, look ourselves in the mirror.

However, the concept of "throw ALL the idiots out" elect 535 amateurs named Smith (USA) will get the basic job of government done, which is disposal of the dead horse in the middle of the street.

That is what it boils down to, there are a lot of dead horses laying all over the streets, and politics as we know it lets them rot and draw flies in debate.

The weakest are our elderly/non pensioned, and shaving a few of our 10,000 nuclear warheads would fix that problem, shaving a few more would fully fund all public schools. 10,000 nuclear warheads is directly opposite Christ's advise, "blessed are the peacemakers".

10,000 nuclear warheads is a symptom of a mis-led society.

If Eisenhower had have been heeded, and we had shipped FREE as foreign aid tractors and water pumps instead of ARMING BOTH SIDES OF MANY CONFLICTS, Mexico would have had a strong middle class by now, and the immigration problem would not exist.

If we watch our "publically traded companies" and disallow sweatshop wages, a strong middle class may arise in the third world.

Nothing is instantaneous, but Benedictines for Peace fully supported hunting Bin-Laden, but WE KNEW Bin Laden said in the mid nineties that $150 a gallon oil was his goal, his method was going for either one (there are only two, one on the gulf and one on top of a dune pumping to the Red Sea) pumping facilities in Saudi Arabia, and dragging the US anywhere into the middle east would be the method.

The Crusaders, Rommel, Patton all said, "don't fight in armor in the desert". Why does the population not "know our enemy"? Why won't publishing Bin Laden 1990's battle plan against America inform us, allow us to solve our vulnerability?

Reagan's favorite author, Tom Clancy, hit the Senate with a airplane in one book, then did the Oklahoma City/anthrax deal in the following book, substitute a cement truck full of fertilizer for the McVeigh method. Nobody read Tom Clancy's book in the past two administrations? Nobody read Bin Laden's playbook?

In any game/warplan, you look to the "enemies" weakness, and the US has gone from 50% foreign oil dependence in Carter's days to 70% now. Why is that? That is our Achilles heel...burning coal is a dirty alternative.

Another UNITED SMITHS OF AMERICA plank is sending teams of scholars and analysts into the patent office, see if "publically traded companies/regulated industries" really ARE hiding the innovations needed, finishing that conspricy myth in weeks not months.

Another USA plank is 'BRING BACK EXILE AS HUMANE PUNISHMENT", put Saddam/Milosovich/those tin pot african dictators on St. Helena Island in the South Atlantic and "forgetaboutit". The Arctic is another exile possibility.

Common sense tells you why the dead horses are still in the roads, money. Short term profits over long term planning. Instant gratification. Long term implies protection of the environment. Long term implies taking care of the weakest. Long term implies rehabilitation/therapy instead of quick fix imprisonment.

Short term, money oriented politics leaves us vulnerable to Iran and Chavez, borrowing money from the Chinese to fund our deficit...Tear down this Wall says Reagan, build a Mexican wall says "whoever".......

Keep an eye on the Texas onion crop and Washington apple crop, the latinos have complained about these two "shortchanging the laborers for years", and tight migrant labor picking made these two the odd men out. They will hold Florida tomatoes hostage next, unless they get ONE PENNY MORE PER POUND. That's economic vulnerability. Those resturants need to Pay the Penny, dammit, it's fair.

It cost's over a penny now to mint it, but what the heck......

Optimists say it is never to late, and until I hear a better IDEAL than "blessed are the peacemakers", where American might is illustrated in Parade Formation, full dress uniform, sailors able to take shore leave in uniform instead of civvies, not in foxholes, I will fight for the ideal.

Truckloads of American made tractors substituted for high priced warplanes, boatloads of American made water pumps and irrigation systems being our foreign aid instead of secret bases in Paraguay.

Look at our "allies", strongmen and "royalty" despised by the Founding Fathers. (egypt/persiangulf emirates), the world's older democracies avoid us now.

How can we have let "pissing off Canadians" become the by product of short term foreign policy?

So, there it is...blessed are the peacemakers.....shoot for the United Smiths of America in 2008.

ps. I avoid politics and religious discussion also


They will hold Florida tomatoes hostage next, unless they get ONE PENNY MORE PER POUND.

Or they will just start charging 9/10 of a penny like the gas stations do each gallon of gas.

I tried to pay exactly $2.69 9/10 of a penny for exactly 1 gallon of gas and I couldn't do it.


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Sep 30, 2006

I was upset about the Amish, the Mennonites and Benedictines for Peace have been historiacally aligned for decades, stopping nuclear train cargos, the Columbia GA "provide Latin American with CIA trained oppression" facility....

It goes back to Tom's edit "SUV's with magnetically attached patriotic ribbons", and "political me" got accused of running down America.

My premise is politcal America got Hijacked by the Greek fraternity system. especially the CIA being Yale in flavor.

The S&L crisis was traced to two fraternities in Ohio and Arizona, who's alumni dreamed up that fleecing and pretty much got away with billions. Swooooosh, there went Social Security, because the database got "sold" to credit providers, when the whole idea was the number was designed ONLY to check your individual tax account and potential benefits, NOT AS A FORM OF IDENTIFICATION.

That is the skepticism of any/all government databases, there will be a resistence to any attempt to make American's pass an identity test.

And the Mennonites will lead that resistance, I am sure. They don't play the Social Security game, and really, what use is it, they hawked it to the Chinese to pay for nuclear submarines in case Osama gets a Navy.

There are real things, not conspiracy theories, that are not known. My only son joined the service in summer 2002, as did his future wife, and NOW are having to fight tooth and nail for the education money promised at enlistment.

And the predatory lending that victimized his stupidself (300% on a brokedown jeep) finally is coming to light, I've heard 900% caught some air force sergeant. Now my only nephew is enlisting, hopefully Joe's experience with the payday loan industry will influence Michael, but kids are hardheaded idiots, since the Roman Empire that's a parents lament.

But the biggest casualty to Joe and Cecilia, doing what CNN called the most dangerous duty on the USS Roosevelt, and all the other 18 and 19 year olds was hearing the old salts brag about ports of call and the prestige of the uniform internationally, THEN, because of zero planning and zero Mediterannean allies, they were forbidden the cool Italian and Spanish ports, forbidden to wear the sparkling whites with earned stripes and ribbons, stuck in some Yugoslavian toilet bowl with a dock, no McDonald's, no American speakers, spitting, refusal to take American dollars because of counterfeiting being 40% of foreign greenbacks....

I vent, again apologies....

So the "disillusion" began. American prestige used to be maintained by a couple of Marines in full dress, now they have to wear civilian clothes visiting many ports.

United Smiths of America. No money necessary to promote, based on common sense. I met Jimmy Carter in 1974 in a room of 20 people and I saw it happen 2 years later. I'm not clairvoyant, but I'm also not the spokesman for United Smiths of America, the brains won't come back on line until after the next election.

So, I don't mean to pollute MotorBike Forum with political/religious, will keep comments tucked in this topic, not wanting to argue/defend anything, but as popularity of MB rises, crazier people than me are going to join the Apocolyptic Calvary, they are currently becoming ham radio experts.

We laugh because air conditioning makes seeing neighbors outside in the yard is very rare, and if Osama invaded via Mobile disquised in bib overalls, nobody would notice them marching up the road, locked in their air conditioned cacoons.

But we, the MB calvary, will know, we even have a volunteer who promised if Osama's navy lands, he will personally blow him up kamikaze style using my bike, and let us split the 25 million dollar bounty...

That is potential publicity for sure......
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