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    Hello all, I am from the South Bay near Los Angles in California. I am here to get as much information about a Japanese motor in-frame bicycle build. I am willing to spent a little bit more money for quality parts, strong motor and wow appearance factor. I am also interested in meeting other local builders for ideas and possibly helping each other out. I am very impressed with this site so far and very excited about building something.

  2. Happy Valley

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    Hello and welcome to MBc. Upgrade is a good approach and often a necessary thing to keep things running well. There are a lot of southern Californians here abouts, they just had a ride down your way, hope you can hook up and get together
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    Come on down to the meet at El Dorado park in Long Beach on Sunday June 14th and your needs will be answered.....

    Really? where was the ride?
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  4. jalexl

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    Thanks I plan on attending. Hopefully they will have several Morini builds.