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    Hi, I am a new member. Before I purchased a bike motor, I came across this web site. I feel I lack proper information to make an informed decision on what type of engine to purchase for my Trek front fork mountain bike. I am 230 lbs 5' 11" in the off season, 210 fighting weight, but my height remains the same. I live in the middle of Canada one hour from the U.S. Border (North Dakota). So, -40 C to +40 C weather. It is dangerous to ride the winter on icy streets, unless they are somewhat, not that icy. I am looking at the Golden Eagle set-up and see some advantages with it. I also see a lot of Chinese bike kits out there for $100, and I think you get what you pay for. I want quality, dependability, and power to haul me around. 30-40 mph would be nice, and I don't know if I can expect this out of a bike motor. As well, the 50 cc and below, engine displacement rule, applies to this region if one wants a powered bike without having to get insurance and a safety.

    Your thoughts - thanks?

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    Hi Eagle,
    Let me be the first to give my two cents.
    I succumbed to $100 HT motor for my first project. Yes, you get what you pay for. I put 500+ miles on it. I wasn't real happy with the engine. Put a SBP shifter kit on. It made it a lot better, but the engine was still not reliable.

    Second project: I bought a 49cc Titan 4 stroke (which is a Honda GHX50 knock off) put it on a scooter guy mount. I can't say enough good things about it. No more clucth lever or mixing oil with the gas. Starts and runs consistantly. OBTw, I put it on a beach cruiser. I am 6ft 235lbs and I cruise at 30mph. I have clocked it at 40mph.
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    welcome :)
    knowing your location (being a canadian living in AZ:)),
    I would check out chris hill, he isn't that far from you (ThunderBay)and builds a quality kit from what i understand
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    welcome to site
    take just a little time here
    this is a great place to look around
    you will end up with the good THING motor bike
    = so much fun
    good luck
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    While the temperatures here in Dixie are nothing like yours, I've compared and tested, found that the 4 stroke engine cranked easily on the coldest days we had.

    I tried them when it was below 20 degrees, and the 2 cycles really took some pulling to crank, maybe 5-10 yanks on the cord, sometimes pouring a little gas into the carb.

    But the RS never took more than 2 pulls.

    And if you've been in contact with GEBE at all, Denis once told me that some of those Michiganders changed out the tires in winter for ice racing.

    I've never pursued details or seen pictures of that "ice sport", racing snowmobiles on frozen lakes, but it sounded no more crazy than mud trucking.

    I guess it would depend on if there is such a thing as a spiked bike tire, and getting a system to switch wheels/tires easily on the worst days.


    I notice there are quite a few Canadian reviews on GEBE's customer page, I bet you could contact some for hints and tips:

    And I've always respected Derek from Omaha's gumption:

    Speaking of bikes in snow, I stumbled upon this link from way up north somewhere:
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    Welcome to the forum!
    Great questions and in the part of your post that I snipped above, you've provided most of your own answers.
    Picking up on that, you asked for further thoughts, here's mine:
    If you can afford it up front you'll avoid the trap of false economy and false expectations or having to do things over and over. Stick with the Japanese engine makers and though I've not owned one folks have good things to say about the Titan. 30-40mph is certainly possible but know MBs are not a replacement for a motorcycle and consider if the laws of your province have a ruling on top attainable speed. Keep it looking like a bicycle, under 50cc, quiet and ride responsibly, should be good to go.
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    Titan Engine?

    This engine is a four or two stroke? Where would you buy this? Is this a generic engine sold from many dealers?
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    Nothing against dax's titan but you should check out the honda gxh50 kit from You'd have some good power and you have the dependability of a honda. but its all about how much your willing to spend. Dax's is way cheaper then the honda kit.
    best of luck,
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    Thanks for the info

    Sadly, after talking with the City Police, Town Hall, Motor and Vehicle Licensing, and Transportation Canada - a motorized bike below 50 cc, not exceeding 30 mph legally becomes a moped needing registration, and insurance - so, break lights, turn signals, reflectors, and I am assuming breaks that meet safety standards for a motorized vehicle.

    The Police Station gave me a copy of Transport Canada's codes - so unless there is a kit that can rig my bike light wise, and another kit that will legalize my breaks - I am out of luck.

    Your thoughts?
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    GEBE with the tanaka 40cc or robin/subaru eho35 would be great choices. I have an 80cc and a eho35 powered GEBE kit and I cant say enough good things about the GEBE kit. Highly reccomended