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    Hi everyone!
    Really glad you guys are here.

    New to this forum, and fairly new to having a motorized bike. I have a chopper style bike (29 inch fork) that's been a LOT of fun to ride. Problem is, I haven't had a whole lot of time to ride it - bought it new 2 years ago and have about 20 miles on it, that's it (I'm even thinking of selling so someone else can give the bike the attention it deserves). I can fix a lot of 2 cycle gas motors (snow blowers, lawn mowers, trimmers, etc.) and even some 4 cycle jobs but somehow putting an engine on a bike makes me think the concepts aren't quite the same! Don't ask me why, but I figured I'd check out this forum for a little help if someone is willing.

    Fired the bike up for 1st time this year a few days ago (fresh gas, proper mix). I get it started and within maybe 4-5 secs it dies. Spark plug, air filter, throttle all good. It seems like it's not getting much gas to the motor. I'm thinking carb related and wonder if anyone has had this kind of issue and what they did about it. I'd love for it to run like it did last season :)

    By the way, the engine is a 2009 Grubee Skyhawk GT5 66/80cc with a stock carb on it - square air filter. Nothing is customized beyond stock except the chopper for, freestyle handlebars and real sweet custom paint job. The bike itself is a 26 inch crusier.

    Any help or friendly suggestions you guys can offer would be appreciated beyond belief.

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    Welcome to MBc,

    It's a process of elimination, I would start with replacing the spark plug to NGK, the lead to a higher quality copper wire and possibly a NGK Plug cap, these I found are some of the weakest links.

    Fuel starvation, there is a filter inside the fuel tank you'll see by removing the tap. Throw that filter away and use a in-line filter, ( can buy from go-cart shops)

    Air leaks around the carb intake.
    Fuel bowl sticking and Fuel bowl gasket.
    Exhaust outlet, check for right size and shape gasket.
    Check to see if the head bolts are tight.
    There is a 2-stroke forum here, there are many tips to be gained from there to.
    All the Best