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    Hi, my name is Ron, I'm a ole fart at 62, So you all want to know about me so here I go. At the moment I live in Calera, AL about 25 miles South of Birmingham. My wife and are both retired, I from being a Air Traffic Controller and Susan from 30+ years as an Insurance adjuster. Born in Boston, raised in Miami, been around the world and served in Viet Nam. My name implies that I am both from Alabama and that I'm a fisherman, which that I am. I love to go to the Gulf Coast and fish..doesn't matter if from land or a 100 miles out. I have a 25' I/O V-8 powered cuddy cabin boat. I have owned 2 wheeled cycles before but this is my 1st converted bicycle. Married for a wonderful 27 years and have two boys...or should I say men as my youngest is 33 years old...and he is why I decided to venture into the 2 wheeled set. Michael hasn't had a license for the pasty 14 years, lived in Atlanta and was down on his luck. I drove to Atlanta picked him up and he now roosts with Susan and I, for the time being. He has a job and peddles a bicycle to work (he has a bad knee). One day he asked me about some sort of a battery operated bicycle and what was Alabama laws concerning riding it on the street was. Well I thought a motorized bicycle would be the best way (while in Viet Nam in Saigon, they must of had literally thousands but the engine mounted over the front wheel) as a battery cycle has a very limited distance, and a plug in is hard to find away from home. Michael is no stranger to riding a bicycle..he has ridden from Orlando, FL, to Atlanta, GA. in 11 days, taking two days out so his tag along (female) could rest. Well we found out what the State of Alabama law is concerning power assisted bicycles...we fell into that category and here I am. I bought a rather inexpensive kit ($119.00 to the door), and it has performed better than I expected, although I made some mods as I didn't like their set up.
    For those wondering about Alabama law here I go. 1) 150cc or less..2) no license required at 16 and above. 3) 14 and 15 yo must have a permit and wear a helmet. 100% street legal and for night... headlight and taillight that can be seen a distance of 500'
    Oh by the way...I ride the heck out of it also. Will be putting one together when I find the cruiser I want.
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    Lot of info here to help you out when needed.
    What kind of cruiser?
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    Hello and welcome to MBc.
    One word: Redfish!
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    Most likely the ole single speed I grew up with 50 years ago.

    On the half shell.:grin5:
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    Welcome to Mbc

    Hey Ron..Welcome from Eno (Down Under)..Always room for more elderly statesmen..good intro...put your hand up if and when you need some help or me over a feed of fish next time you throw the old rod in..( or email it to me so it arrives fresh) Good luck and again, Welcome..Eno (oz)