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    i stumbled on this site by accident and i`m glad i did!
    i`m contemplating building a tricycle.
    i keep going back n forth on whether or not it should be a licensed motorcycle based vehicle or if it should be an unlicensed, peddle powered type.
    i am very interested in the idea of a light versatile machine comprising peddles with multi gears plus an electric motor as well as a gas engine.
    money is ALWAYS an issue for me (haha) so i definitely need to do it on the CHEAP!!!
    not really sure about the details on this, but was considering go kart type live axle rear with 3 for each application; motor/peddles/engine.
    maybe i can cobble an old go kart for starters and add a bike frame.
    i want this to be comfortable, heavy duty and durable...did i say FAST???
    ...well relatively fast anyways!
    oh i live in Florida, i`m a senior citizen and i`m female!
    my husband thinks i`m nuts, but i just want an efficient and fun machine for area transportation...the beach is only about 2 miles!!!

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    Howdy and welcome to MBc. Take a good look around and don't forget to search the archives for a ton of good reference material. Good luck.
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    Welcome aboard.

    Your husband's wrong; you're not crazy. He'll probably change his mind when he sees how much fun you have.