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    I´ve been working on motorized bicycle since last year and I´m finally finished with it. I thought that it would be nice to share my project with MBC community and share ideas about design and construction. My idea was to design a high-end bike with powerful engine and great handling. Of course bike look wasnt on second line. I hope you will like it. The bike name is Arcidílo (in czech language it means Masterpiece :grin5: )

    Engine comes from racing minibike. Its 4 stroke 90cc with 8hp/8500rpm. Fuel consumption with calm wrist is about 235mpg, but if you are using all its power its about 150mpg. Btw calm wrist means 30mph, top speed is around 50mph. Almost all parts are custom made designed by my own. It has jackshaft kit and 8 speed Shimano Alfine rear hub. It will be for sell after testing. The price of a bike is 5000€.

    Write down if you like this blue anodized rims or not please :) I´m thinking about painting them to shiny black, but blue is original inspired by Marchesini racing superbike rims.

    And sorry for my bad english :)

    Cheers, Martin

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    Welcome to the forum and absolutely stunning work!
    Curious if you built that frame as well? Nice job on the tank in any regards and obviously advanced machining on the components.

    And yup, high end it is, about $7000 USD. Most of the US has a 50cc/2 HP limit on moped regulations so I'm wondering if your idea for this to be a racing machine? It certainly seems it would fit that bill.

    BTW, your build reminds me of some prototypes I've seen that are using HD mountain bike designs for lightweight but cross over into the motorcycle category sans pedals, IE:
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    Welcome to MBc

    Your build speaks for itself, Stunning.
    Well done.

    All the Best

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    Thanks guys,
    there are similar law restrictions in my country as in US. We have max. 50ccm 1kw and 25kmh limits. This bike is prototype. I would like to obey the law next time by cutting revs of engine. Best way to test frame and custom parts is to use higher power than normal. Frame is originaly from Felt cruiser (steel) but there are some changes. And about the price - minibikes with this engine starts at 4000$ and if you buy engine directly from manufacturer (they arent sold separately) it will cost you about 2000$. Yes, its expensive, but totaly worth it! :evilgrin: