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    Hello to all,
    Where to start? Been reading here for the better part of a month. Learned a lot of good stuff. I'm new to the motored bike thing, just recently caught the bug. A little about me... I am one of five partners at the Roaring Forge LLC a cooperative blacksmith shop creating custom ironwork. I have been blacksmithing now for 10 years. I love my job, I get to create new stuff every day and fix/recycle old stuff too. I am a fix it guy. I own a MGB roadster. Some of my other hobbies include... pottery, coin collecting, hiking, camping, snowboard, telemark, gardening...

    My 1st ? Motored bike - I'm hoping to use a Micargi cougar GTS and the grubee kit from (still waiting) with a Honda gxh50 from Small engine warehouse. All Silver parts- Chrome, Alloy, Galvanized, Aluminum. Gonna call it the Silver Streak. This is the deluxe ride. Cargo Baskets/Rack. Custom chrome gas tank. I'm going full boat on this one-All lights LEDS housed in baby bees- turn, stop, hi/lo headlamp, battery, generator, key switch-full electrical system basically.

    My 2nd ride- old POS schwinn 10 spd with 2 stroke 33cc Honda clone pocket bike/weedeater engine(cheap on fleabay), staton 18:1 gearbox, jackshaft to use standard drive train/derailluer. CHOPPED to the max, stretched chain stays and front fork, curved top tube, 20" front 26" rear wheels, banana seat and sissy bar, rear disc brake? custom gas tank? maybe

    My 3rd ride- Kulana Moondog. I hope to put an electric hub motor on this ride. Just too good a deal to pass up... I only paid $94 delivered. Smokin' Deal. I may do this one first just for some thing to ride while I wait for parts of the others.

    It Will be a race to see which one will be done first... none have motors yet. Will be getting and already have many parts for both but looks like the POS may win even though it needs lots more work. I'll take some pics of my rides and post later. :cool:

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    I look forward to seeing your work. Based on the first ride photos posted by another blacksmith here, I'd bet they'll be works of art.