New member in CT with model H belt questions

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by HalCT, Jul 7, 2014.

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    I am trying to get this old-timer to run, but have some problems. Since the photo, I have installed the rear belt, and it IMG_8121.jpg seems really tight. The upper chainstay is dented in to clear the belt, but the belt actually is just below the dent, and rubs between the tire and frame. If I raised the engine a bit, it might put the belt in the right clearance position? I don't know, because I never set one up. It is a model H on a Shelby Flying Cloud. Hope to hear from you! Hal

  2. HeadSmess

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    that a whizzer?

    wrong section...

    anyway, its purdy :)

    id be thinking idler pulleys before anything else.

    but, if only a few washers will do the trick, then i know whats easier... theres always the option of extending the "dent" too...

    by chainstay you mean the CHAIN stay, the lower arm, and not the SEAT stay, the upper arm?

    take your time, tear it ALL apart first, then slowly make sure everythings good before being tempted to go blat blats...
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    Oops, I mean seat stay!
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    well, id still kill to have one over here :) id keep it lookin like that myself, but yeah.

    take your time. cant really help much. dont think many people can... unless they be working on it themselves. how much cash you got?

    i suggest thinking of those "linked" belts, they flex a lot more easily than the old solid sections. easier flex means less strain on the engine ;) linkvbelt.jpg
    less strain means more grunt at the wheel...

    then some nicely fabricated idlers, as above... problem with the seat stay is its the side of the belt thats under tension. ideally that should be kept as a straight through run. so any idler will have to be mounted SOLIDLY.