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    Cheers Everyone. My name is Jeffrey Matthias. Either the first or the last name work, so whatever you prefer.

    I am a tinkerer, designer, and maker of all sorts of things. I am currently a senior in the Industrial Design program at Metropolitan State College of Denver. My focus is on Sustainable Design and Furniture, but I have a strong interest in vehicle design as well. I found my way here as I was doing research for a small displacement motorcycle design.

    I am an (expired) ASE Certified Master Auto Technician. Mechanics life wasn't for me and I made the switch. I also hold a degree in Sculpture from Ohio State.

    After finding this site, I followed a link from here to Derringer and realized that I need to build one for myself- with a few improvements of course.

    I am also interested in amateur electronics and micro-controllers (mostly Arduino) and am always looking for ways to bring them into projects.

    I have a website which is mostly devoted to furniture design, but where I give away some of my CNC furniture designs with a creative commons license. I am a big believer in giving my ideas away and if they're good enough, good things will happen.

    I currently own a 1979 Vespa Rally 200 and at the moment have 5 bikes, which I use as my main source of transportation, although I also have an old Volvo for long distances.

    I have a loving wife who helps me keep the number of running projects to a relatively low minimum.


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    Welcome to the forum. Your blend of experience and training should produce some great looking motorized bikes that run reliably. I believe you are the first sculptor we have seen on the forum.
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    Yes, welcome to MBc, nice intro.
    Wheelbender6 stated it very well, your background and interests should be a great asset here.
    Let me pass this on, perhaps you've seen it but if you haven't you might enjoy it.
    No sure why I think so, just a hunch, maybe it's because you seem like a nice guy or maybe because you very thoughtfully mentioned your wife. That's class.
    Enjoy the ride!
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    Great Article

    Thanks for recommending that read! The author makes several great points, but even more so, the whole thing took me back to, what is at this point, the best job I've ever had.

    After getting fed up with working for auto dealerships (I was a VW technician), I ended up working in a vintage Vespa repair shop. I was paid $8/hr under the table and the guy could only afford me 3 days a week. I was poor but man, I was happy. I LOVED working in that shop. There was one other mechanic and we were gods to our customers. It was like a clubhouse. Customers would come in and just talk to us while we worked on their bikes. My official title was "Assistant Grease Monkey." Unfortunately, the guy running the shop was a gifted salesman and amazing on a racetrack (both tricked out Vespas and pro motorcycle) but he wasn't the best business man. The shop went under and I resumed my life of trying to figure out what to do with myself.

    While most of my emphasis with my studies is furniture right now, I'm going to spend a good part of the fall working with a team on a 3-wheeled car in pursuit of high mpg. I LOVE 2 wheeled transportation (especially powered) but don't think its right for everyone.

    Anyhow, I have already passed the article on to friends and even twittered about it for those foolish enough to follow me.

    Thanks again for the link!
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    ooh-ooh, what's the twitter link? lol.

    Glad you enjoyed it, my hunch was right. :D
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    Anyone who wants to know too much detail about me is welcome to follow me on twitter: @idlehands