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    hi all!

    new to the site, and motorbiking in general. Currently puttering around Jax, Florida.

    At the moment I'm green as grass at this, as this will be my first build, so Ive been searching and researching option for about a month now - the theory being when in doubt,m study, neh?

    I'm looking hard at the GEBE kits, for reliability and their customer service, but ion all the reading and cruising the site, In up against an interesting question -

    I have some mechanical aptitude, and bikes are not a huge challenge compared to some, but they work in their own idiosyncrasies, of course. While I'm not looking to spend huge money, the idea of sinking coin into doing the job right does not bother me.

    So, I find myself wondering - is it better to mod a bike, or scratch build one for motorbiking? Consensus seems to imply modding is common, as bikes aren't motorcycles, but I wonder, given some of the mods, would I be better rewarded to simply build from the frame up for the purpose?

    Would it be cheaper, or stronger? Ive found some opinions, but nothing conclusive in experience with that. I have three bikes, two roadmasters and a mongoose, to hand for parts if I want to strip em.

    Any suggestions for where to look specifically would be very welcome! Looking to start turning bolts next month.

    Off I go, forum surfing! Nice to meet you all!



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    Hi Bryan, here are my building guidelines: predominant riding terrain, local legal requirements, primary rider's physic and budget. Stick within these guidelines and you should have a bike you'll enjoy riding. There's several good kits for modifying bikes but even then most bikes will have to have upgraded parts due to the extra stress motorizing puts on bikes.
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    If I had a chance to do it all over again, I'd go with a Monocog and a Staton Axel Drive.

    Monocog - 4130 CroMolly Steel
    Staton - US Mfg, been around since 1984, bulletproof.

    I currently have a 26" Huffy Cranbrook with a BMP Friction Drive.
    (And I have a belt and chain drive kit option for it as well.)
    You can find BMP on youtube - they are out of business.
    Staton Inc has a website.

    Welcome and Good Luck with your future build!