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    Hello All,

    Cool site, looking foward to learning more......

    Been wanting to motorize a cruiser for a while, so my son and I (he's 15) ordered a kit from Daemon. After some frustration with the instructions, we bailed on the coaster brake cruiser and opted for my vintage Schwinn 5 speed. The motor and other parts went on well. The quality of the bolts are barely passable, but it runs well and is very cool.

    I live near a cool downtown and the beach, this is great for bar hoppin, checking the surf, going to play guitar at the park, market, etc....way cheaper than running my V-8 Tundra!

    Now I need to build another one so we can both ride around!!

    I'm blown away with how cool it is to cruise around on, I like it better than my motorcycle for the coolness factor!:)


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    Welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    Welcome to MBc. You and your son did a nice, clean install on that for the bike, yes, that surely is pristine. All together, it is an excellent build. Most of the HT kits come with about the cheapest nuts and bolts. First thing I do with a kit is throw out the nuts and bolt, go down to the local hardware, and replace them with grade 8's...stainless if by saltwater. They are not expensive...there are only a few. Then, inspect the chain tensioner; if it's not sturdy replace that, too. A flimsy tensioner can be quite a danger (or at least a costly repair) if it decides to let loose and jump into the spokes...along with anchoring one end of a broken chain while the rest whips around til the engine quits.

    btw, where do you live in S0. FL? I'm in Naples. Happy riding to the two of you.
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    I agree, I did replace with SS as I'm a block from the intracoastal.
    I'm finding out here that there is a ton of stuff available for doing this, I have a feeling I'm getting hooked. It's a cheap way to tinker and the fun factor is huge....not to mention the sweet smell of castor beans cooking!!
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    Once you are into it, you certainlnly do get 'hooked'. I ride a recumbent trike w/35 4-stroke. I had built several 2-strokes..sold them quickly! Just didn't like them. The 4-stroke on a Lowriding Trike, with two flags flying high, can't be beat. I fly one (stars & stripes), and the other (slifhtly Lower) a Flag of Caution, or the flag of Collier, Co. FL.
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    I'm sorry I missed that...Collier County! That is where I am...Palm River Country Club off of Immokolee Road and Airport Road. When the weather breaks into the 80's, wanna get together for a ride around the trails at the North Collier Watter Park?...? They are great. IM Me...K?