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    I am a keen motorbicyclist. I am frustrated because I just built a 80 cc - 2 stroke (with a ported exhaust). It runs like a bat out of the evil place!! I thought I would be really legal and register and licence and insure it. Since that's what you have to do with any motorized vehicle 49 cc and over here in British Columbia, Canada. No one had ever tried to do this even though the police have been giving people tickets for not being licensed and insured. Anyway I spent a whole morning bouncing around government departments and the last guys decided that they would not allow it to pass inspection because it was a motor bike and motorbikes have to be built on motorbike frames. I told them the kit was made for a peddle bike and they said if the frame was made by a welder it would be ok but an off the shelf bike was not...grr I am ticked.

    Anyway I am going to downsize to a 49 cc and then customize it to get all the power I can. There are some 4 strokes out there that look interesting. Daemon bikes has kits but I did not see that company on your company review string so I am a bit nervous. Anyway that's me. I was thinking we motorbicyclists should have a big get together in the Pacific Northwest sometime. I would help set up such an event if you were interested. Salt Spring Island Where I live on my very pretty and lots of people come here but the only reasonably priced way to be here would be to camp.

    All the best, Richard

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    Welcome Richard, to MBc. There are a number of choices out there in the sub-50cc category in both two or four stroke. It would be a good idea to read up as much as possible to make an informed decision.
    I have not heard of Daemon Bikes until now. We are always adding companies to the review section, with Piston Bikes and EZ Motorbike just being added last week. I'll look into Daemon to see if we should add them to the list as well.