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    First off, your probably wondering: where have you been??
    I'm VERY excited to be here and see all of the cool creations everyone has been doing. I truly believe that these will be the future of transportation.
    Feel free to check us out at, I am looking forward to hearing feedback, and will be posting pictures soon. Totally stolked on this website!!

    We are a group of passionate motorized vehicle enthusiasts who love all things wheels and motors and enjoy getting together inventing new motorized creations.

    It all stemmed from a close friend in the group, (me, Ryan) and his love of motorized bicycles. After realizing how much fun they are to ride, we came together as inventors and gear heads who want to offer the marketplace a more eco-friendly and cheaper way of transportation. (did we mention more enjoyable?)

    In 2009 we set off to create the ultimate motorized bicycle after trying out several kits you can buy online. ( by the way I have been writing two-stroke kit bikes for about seven years) Over time we realized that all of them had poor design (understatement) that made them either break, perform horribly, or simply lack power.. Most people simply install a cheap kit onto a bike, rarely getting long term reliability. Well that wasn't good enough in our eyes. We decided that designing and hand fabricating some parts would radically improve the bike, so we spent over a year and hundreds of hours engineering everything but the motor itself to ensure a smooth, safe, reliable motorized bike.

    The CaliCruzers office and show room is located at 1130 Burnett Ave. ste. P in Concord, California and lead by Matt Skolnik, head engineer, and Erik Katz, expert business entrepreneur and head of business. Ryan Schlosser heads the marketing and sales department and Jack Keinigstein brings his 30 years of experience to lead operations. They joined to help make a dynamic dependable team you can count on. Once you ride our baby you'll appreciate the dedication and experience we have brought to perfect our motorized bicycle.

    Where storage space, portability, steep inclines and distance were once discouraging factors, our innovating and proven product opens up new possibilities for getting around. Our goal is to redefine transportation and we are ecstatic about the future! So, where will it take us?

    And by the way we just finished engineering our own freewheel system!

    Thanks everyone, look forward to meeting some cool people here!!

    p.s. the pics on the site are old, as they don't show our freewheel system
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    WELCOME Calicruzers.

    VERY NICE BIKE, and a fairly nice website also.
    I saw your ad on craigslist and gave ya yer props there also.
    I also responded to your post on CALIFORNIA LAW on this site. Please read carefully and check out the DMV sections before responding. I see that you are really trying to promote safe and sane motorbicycling. But you have to be VERY carefull what you tell your customers to avoid lawsuits. Everyone is only too happy to see you in court.
    It looks like you're putting out some REALLY NICE BIKES. keep it up and I think you will dominate the motorbike industry one day soon.
    Big Red.
  3. Calicruzers

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    thanks Big Red

    I just got your message and the team and I want to thank you.
    I have been seen your posts and replies all over the place, I can tell you really know your stuff!
    we've come a far way, and are literally on the brink of nickels and dimes...
    We are also trying to get investments through kickstarter.
    you seem like the go to guy for good ideas!