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    Hello all,
    My name is Rhett Dudley and I live in Hiedelberg Germany. I am a 54 year old retired pilot and small business owner. My wife is a former US Marine and currently a DOD civilian working as a Budget Chief for Army 5TH Corp Europe and we have been here for 5 years. I have owned all kinds of large and small motorcycles and mo-peds in my life and when I was at FL State U many years ago I got around on a small French mo-ped called a Moto-Becaune or something like that and I loved it. We may very soon be relocating to either FT. BRAGG-NC or FT.Monroe in Virginia and I am very interested in obtaining a gas powered bicycle. But, I have no experience with actual bicycles with motors on them. I would be using it mostly for easy fun where starting up a 3000 pound car to go get some milk is kind of lame if the store is only a 1/2 mile away and some easy local 'bike rides' of 10-20 miles out of the way of very heavy traffic. I am in good shape,-6'2 under 200 lbs and ride my regular bike (a Cannondale) all the time. I have just started looking and so far I kind of like Golden Eagle Bike Engines, perhaps on a good mountain bike platform and something that could handle some ' hilly" terain and 25-30 mph speeds. any way glad to be a new member!! ---Regards, Rhett

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    Hi Rhett. Welcome to MBc! Home of many answers, and awaiting your ideas.
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    Welcome to MBc. Rhett !!!
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    WILKOMMEN !! Welcome aboard. Hiedelberg is a beautiful city! Before you leave Germany, get familiar with some of their old bikes with motors. German E Bay, search= " Hilfsmotor" or "fahrrad mit hilfsmotor." Some of the old ones are getting hard to find & are really unique. The older ones are usually scrubber drive on the front wheel, similar to mine in my avatar. Simple design,,, but still in use in new units, today. Dependable as they can get! You may want to bring some back to the states. TIP= they cannot stink like gas when transporting ! Also, if you run across a Lohmann bike motor === GRAB IT !!
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    Welcome aboard Rhett. I'm with Esteban on bringing something back. I lived in Germany for a while and there were all kinds of motoredbikes/mopeds there. A cool old motor or two would be worth bringing back, if only for the eBay value :grin:
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    Thanks for the warm welcome!! Looking for those German Bikes are a good Idea, wish I had gotten into this when I first came over 5 years ago! As it is now, I am at this moment only really begining to clear out all of the non-essential stuff out of this huge 2 story house and large 4 room basement because we believe that we will be hearing about our return to the states this week or next, then we have to be there in just over 40 days or so. There are very strict rules about bringing any thing over on military transport that is GERMAN SPEC when it comes to gas powered ANYTHING!! Even my Mercedes which is German spec will have to stay behind and The new Mini-Cooper that I just bought my wife, can not even have a spec of dirt on it even underneath and the wheel wells!! Even garden tools have to be spotless!! So at this point, looking for older gas bikes and engines are just not a viable option. I did take a break a few minutes ago and found a company called SPOOKY TOOTH that seems to have a nice line of gas bicycles that look pretty nice. Any one like them?--later,, Rhett
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    Welcome to Mbc and an early welcome home. Spooky Tooth is one of our sponsers and seem to have a great reputation here for sales and service. No personal experience though.
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    welcome to MBc ! :D
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    No excuses, now. You still have to find that Lohmann. They are rare, in Germany as well & bring BIG money, too.
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    Thanks for taking a moment to get back to me, wish that time was on my side, but the wife and I are trying to get ahead of the game at the moment, we think that a move back to the states is immenent, we think only a few days now until officially notified, It is our decision to go or stay,, we have had a good 'RUN' here in Germany these past 5 years,, I really wish that I had become involved in gas powered bicycles long before this, I hope that I can continue to stay in touch with all of you should we leave here and head stateside. I am very much aware of how great it is to be a member of a forum that you can share and recieve information from. I have been flying both full size and Remote Control planes and helicopters for several decades now and just when you think that you have seen it all, along comes the 'internet' and so many other venues and people that have seen much more than myself. I have been a pilot all of my adult life, and am retired from doing that now,,, but yet,, I have found out, and have met more people, that have enjoyed what I was doing, than I had while I was doing it!!!---Happy Landings--to you all --best regards,--Rhett
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    I was stationed in Germany, years ago. Not far from you in Karlsruhe. Have a safe trip back to " the world !"
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    Yes, Karlshrue is is just down the autobaun from my little town of St. Leon. We are right smack in the middle of Stuttgart, and Frankfurt. I am sure that you know how much the Germans love thier bicycles, and there are a lot of gas powered bikes here as well,, many are the type that have the motor over the front wheel and they all look the same--BLACK--as a matter of fact there is a much older gentleman a few houses down that has several of them, he actually walkes his horse while riding one, I about fell over the first time I saw him doing that,,, interesting sound of a small two stroke motor and the 'cip-clop' of the horse at the same time. he also uses the horse to pull a cart that he sells vegies out of, and uses a large bell to let every one know he's coming----one horse power I think!
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    Welcome Rhett,
    I hope in due time we can share some of our experiences with the Mecedes Benz.
    Regretably, soon after I discovered motoredbikes, it was the straw that broke my spirit to keep restoring the Merc I had.
    $150.00 to repair a hydraulic hose for example for the self leveling rear suspension, became beyond the joke for me. When I started on my first bike recently, I sold the Merc for scrap metal.
    It paid for part of the kit.
    The the other day we sold the best Mercedes Benz Co.. could produce in the late 70's, it only fetched a pittance of it's true worth as far as German automotive engineering is concerned. The seller, a friend is now ordering his first kit to.
    Times have changed and I have much respect for German made cars. Benchmark in my books.
    I am still waiting for the day again when Mecedes Benz pull another rabbit out of the hat in regards to the cost of fuels and these times.
    Maybe we might see, if we are lucky, a German made HT Engine ? !
    Enjoy the show and we hope to see pictures of your first build and share the expirience.

  14. Rhett

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    You think THATS bad

    I bought my 1987 Merc 4 years ago from a friend who was an Army air tragffic controler for 1,800 Euros and it was in reasonably good condition, to make a VERY long story short, 4 years and over 9,000 Euros later( over 14,000 American dollars at todays exchange rate), it is now completely restored from the wheels up. I just tell every one that it was a 'hobby car' so they dont think that I am completely insane for putting all of that money into it. Should we be leaving Germany soon, we will be sending the wifes Mini cooper ahead of us by 30 days or so. Sadly, the Merc will get us around until a week or so before we leave, and then I am going to give it to my Neighbor who has 2 boys both nearing legal driving age. I have only put about 4 thousand kilometers on it since I got it and I will be sad to part with it, but the boys will be getting a really great car. Their father is a police detective in nearby Hiedelberg and they are great kids so I am sure it will have a good home. I look forward to getting into gas bicycles. I have a regular peddle powered Cannondale bike that I ride nearly every day that I got when we first came here and will be taking that back to the states when we go. It is a very strong bike and in itself woul be a good candidate for a gas conversion, but at the moment I am leaning towards a 'golden era' gas bike. I just have to decide wether to buy one already restored, or do a restoration myself. Perhaps buy a "Spooky Tooth' --"Quarve' and ride that while I restore something---best regards, Rhett
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    Thanks to all of you

    I want to say thanks to all of you that have been so kind with your comments and sugestions. A couple of you such as Hollywood have asked for some pictures here in Germany, and I do have some recent ones but seem to have a problem posting them. I am on a brand new computer, an HP that is using the VISTA Micro Soft format which is a bit diferent from windows, if any one is interested, or can help me post them, you can get me directly here at home in Germany and best regards,, Rhett
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    I have been in contact with Rhett since he joined up here, he bought an e-bike and had been enjoying riding it when not flying his radio controlled planes and helicopters.

    I was saddened to receive an email from his wife Helen this morning informing me Rhett had an accident on his e-bike Monday night and is now in hospital with a serious head injury and is in a coma.

    I have no other details, i thought i would mention this here so as those that ride their bicycles without helmets might sit up and take notice what can happen when your head hits something harder than itself....Be safe ALWAYS wear a helmet people.

    Thoughts and prayers to Rhett for a full speedy recovery.

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