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    Hi, happy to have found this website! I was searching for info on troubleshooting magnetos and came accross this site. I live in the Phoenix area and just purchased a used Solex bike. It ran when the guy sold it to me, but now its got no spark. Oh well, I will figure it out. I bought it as I live less than a mile from work and a few others are riding them. Walking would be healthier, but most days the heat is bad. Sooner I can get there the better. I was going to buy a scooter, but dont have to register this. Still may get a scooter though fo longer rides. Again, I am glad to be signed up, and looking forward to chatting. Thanks, Jacko

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    Wow those are cool bikes can I see a picture please? You might get lucky and find a short in the wiring as those bikes are a little older but you can correct me if Im wrong.
    See Ya Later!
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